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John Holt & Queen Ifrica – Ghetto Queen



BY EWALT AINSWORTH                         07 07 2012

Societies have a way of evolving…adopting to change and making the most of a bad situation but unfortunately two decades of the PPP has put Guyana under the international spotlight of crime, terror, corruption and confusion.  GT now has more confusionists than there are compatriots.  The latest addition and edition is the Queen of the Ghetto who wants to be Auditor General.  More and most embarrassing is that she is not making a secret that she is more-man than her Finance Minister husband Dr Ashni Singh and he cannot get a word in…not even sideways.    All that will happen is that the net of suspicion, interrogation and incarceration will be spread wider and deeper.  As a ghetto queen, she will return to her authentic status in society.                  Continue reading



By  EWALT AINSWORTH                      06 29 2012

Guyanese born and raised LAX Security executive, Horace Rutherford

Horace Rutherford

died a fortnight ago and laid to rest in the Inglewood Park Cemetery,  Los Angeles,  California on Friday June 29th.  Horace was a personal friend dating back to the roaring 70’s in his home district of Anna Regina.  Had he lived he would have celebrated his 55th birthday on Friday July 6th.

Horace, better known as PEGS, was a divisional commander responsible for traffic and security with the Los Angeles airport police at LAX in California.    Continue reading