Eddie Grant – Gotta be positive


By  EWALT AINSWORTH                                                                 07 05 2012

A whole week in Canada wrestling with ethnic integration at all levels  in Ottawa and hearing the sometimes  rancor and immediate plans for the PPP government to choose the people and districts they want to vote for them is both ridiculous and fantabulous…in that order.  Forty nine years ago almost to the date the PPP was embroiled in similar conflagrations and these triggered large scale riots and mayhem including the LINDEN SUN CHAPMAN massacre.  Talk half – leff half.

Both Jagdeo and Ramotar do not want certain people to vote for them and are moving folks around, jailing some, killing some and eliminating others as a grand enterprise of re-districting, re-branding, re-distributing and re-engineering GT in their own image and likeness.  If plans materialise Georgetown will start at Better Hope to the East; Leonora to the West and Patosy/Free & Easy on the West Bank and Friendship on the East Bank.  The city will be approximately 25 square miles.  Formerly it started at Eccles and ended at Turkeyen.  The expanded borders will represent a significant increase in area, and has nothing to do about equity and equality and more about US OR CHAOS.  

Apparently the Chinese government is assisting the PPP in delivering additional electricity to Region Three West Demerara.  Work began this week to lay the 13-KV lines as part of a deliberate plan to merge Region Three with Region Four.

The new configuration is proposed so as to give the needed weights for the PPP to control Region Four which votes against the PPP.  Region Three will be abolished, and Region Four will start from Leonora.  Region Two will include all communities east of the Boerasirie River to Leonora.

Region five will also be extended beyond the tree-in-the middle-of-the road at Perseverance and will start somewhere in Grove Haslington Village district.  These are just plans and the official transcripts will be made available sooner than later as elections seems to be high on the PPP agenda.

In Ottawa some of the GT faithful were also talking about both Presidents Jagdeo and Ramotar trying to make the case that corruption was a natural phenomenon like rain, snow, fire and hurricanes.  This was news to a number of curious onlookers and the re-districting process was yet another way to make the immoral practices go un-detected and institutionalized.

The mind-set of East Indian households as distinct from other ethnic GT groups is that they are not long term thinkers; they have no hope in the future.  In other words a black person would build a small home and as he or she does better, would expand, enclose or enhance as he goes along.  The Indian mindset is totally different…he puts all his eggs in one basket, the bigger the better.  He would also do anything or all that it takes to maintain that and if he or she sees an obstacle, real or perceived, will commit suicide if need be.  Amerindians, Chinese, Portuguese and other ethnic groups do not think like that.  Everything is incremental and done in stages.

It was also fascinating to see diverse groups of Guyanese inter acting and getting along in Ottawa.  Saturday night’s party was held at an Italian reception hall down-town.  Adjoining the area where the GT folks had their annual ball was an Indian wedding.  My table seated ten and among the folks I said hello to was a woman of East Indian heritage who said she was born in Guyana but spent her formative years in Barbados.  There were three other Indian girls and the young men came from different CARICOM countries.  None of them expressed overtly concern for politics back in the yard.  One actually said “we from Wakapoa and as long as they don’t mek it look like Whim or Canje I don’t care.”  Blacks in these communities have been displaced and have had to move on to other communities because of pressure from the PPP to redistrict and reclaim their strongholds.

And in a slightly related story, Police in Zeeburg were recently called out to prevent shrimp-farmers from drying their produce e on the sea wall and other tarmac areas.  Reports suggest that the headmaster of the school had to take action because students who are currently writing end of year exams complained bitterly that the pungent smell of ‘dry-shrimp’ was preventing them from concentrating.  The school district is hoping that with pending re-districting dry shrimps will be eliminated and the area will become a booming city free from all encumbrances, real and perceived.


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