Lindeners snarl bridge traffic during protest on electricity tariff

Mavis Staples – We shall not be moved

Lindeners snarl bridge traffic during protest against higher electricity tariff.

A group of Lindeners, protesting an impending hike in electricity rates, Thursday morning snarled traffic across the Linden-Wismar bridge for a short time.

Heavily armed police turned out to monitor the march of about 500 persons that culminated with a rally at the Mackenzie Bus Park.

Many businesses closed their doors, parked their vehicles and docked their boats as part of efforts to pressure government into backing down from the rate hike from July 1.    

When the protesters reached the bridge, they remained there for just under 30 minutes until Divisional Police Commander, Senior Superintendent Clifton Hicken appealed with the Regional Chairman, Sharma Solomon to ensure that the bridge was cleared.

Other accounts are that the protesters deliberately walked across the bridge at snail’s pace to retard the flow of vehicular traffic.

Heavily armed police were deployed to keep a watchful eye on the group angered by the tariff hike.

Several residents ofLindenand their leaders say town residents cannot afford to pay more due to a lack of investment and jobs.

For its part, government says it has cut the subsidy from GUY$2.7 billion last year to GUY$1.8 billion this year, resulting in Lindeners having to pay more or conserve.

Addressing the after-march rally were trade unionist, Lincoln Lewis; Region 10 Councillor, Leslie Gonsalves and Region 10 Chairman, Solomon Sharma.

The Lindeners plan another protest activity on Sunday.

They are also demanding an end to dust pollution and government’s television monopoly by the National Communications Network (NCN). Like the rest of Guyana, there is also no private radio station in the community.


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