Caribbean politicians acting like monarchy – ACM’s Gibbings

Caribbean politicians acting like monarchy – ACM’s Gibbings

Demerara Waves 25 June 2912.

President of the Association of Caribbean MediaWorkers (ACM) Wesley Gibbings says politicians have replaced the monarchy in the region with the use of criminal defamation laws to punish journalists.

He was speaking on Monday during a session on the colonial legacy of criminal defamation laws in the Caribbean on day two of the three-day International Press Institute (IPI) World Congress in Trinidad and Tobago.

Gibbings said the law was introduced in the colonial days to protect the status quo of the monarchy and is now a tool of the governments.

‘Unfortunately we have had generations of leadership in the Caribbean which consider themselves to be the new monarchs. If you look at the application of criminal defamation in the Caribbean, even up to the 20th century and into the 21st century, in every single circumstance in recent memory in the English-speaking Caribbean the actions have been taken by politicians and or their agents.”  [more]


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