Buddy Miles – Down By The River.


By EWALT AINSWORTH            06 15 2012

Word has begun to filter out in the diaspora that both Presidents Jagdeo and Ramotar have been staging and fully engaged in communicating with Party operatives in hinterland communities in which they have been using the portraits of the Opposition executives as bulls eye for bow and arrow terrorists.  The target practice operatives have also been taking aim at a select group of Lindeners who allegedly have been “obstinate” and not cooperating with the government in charging increased tariffs for electricity.

The portraits of local touchaus and captains who also allegedly supported the opposition APNU/AFC groups have also been placed on tree trunks and home-made screens as part of a deliberate plot to ferment hatred and distrust among the indigenous peoples in the Rupununi and other communities in regions nine and eight.   

Auditors have been fanning out and following the money trail in the gold fields, the balata bush, the lumber yards, forests, schools, hospitals, energy farms, airfields, outposts and national parks.  The audit community is also doing forensics and interviewing all the staff and projects they claim that the PPP claims they have undertaken at sometimes ten times higher than fair market price.  SHOW ME THE MONEY is the name of the game.

The PPP has also orchestrated the tightening of access by non-governmental organizations and the audit community who have been pursuing activities and projects undertaken without proper accounting or disbursements.  The PPP has been recruiting aboriginal people to stage blockades and use for target practice the leaders of the  APNU and AFC as “enemies of the state” according to recent reports on Radio Kayambay which serves the Moco-Moco valley, the Pakaraimas, Karasabai , Monkey Mountain and other far flung interior locations.

Meanwhile contrary to all public statements and uttering’s by both President Donald Ramotar and earlier, President Bharrat Jagdeo, the latter is fully engaged in the entire process of running the minority government.  More so now that the Audit community in concert with some international organizations is doing some forensic work and questioning the relationship between the Guyana government andf East Asian communities, in local parlance, “dem two b-t a-bite.”

“Dem b-t a-bite” is the way a man on the street has described the hive of incursions into institutions and the flight of money and the vacuuming of the treasury by the PPP is cause for concern here, in the diaspora and within international lending communities.  Late last week an executive from the Canadian government on assignment at the Bank of Guyana disappeared.  Foul play was suspected, but he later re-appeared and was whisked away and returned home undert the care of the Canadian Consulate.

The World Bank has stepped in to block and suspend all operations at the proposed expansion of the Timehri International airport.  The project which has been billed at US138million, was quietly handed to a Chinese government subsidiary which has been forbidden to operate in the region until 2017…five years hence.  Jagdeo apparently never briefed Ramotar about the project and his stake and kick back arrangements.  Apparently when Ramotar was in Washington recently, Jagdeo had to rush in and take over the hot seat proffering vague and sometimes contentious denials about the shady dealings with the Chinese.  This week too executives at the privately owned telephone company  GT&T and the nationally owned  media company NCN were debarred from entering the premises or even logging-in from at home.  In the case of the telephone company, formerly known as TELECOMS , initial reports suggest that US3.9 million dollars -not towels – was deposited in a personal account of one executive.  And at NCN G90million dollars…just like the Police department, has gone missing and a small but influential group within the organization have been placed under house arrest.

The audit community has also paid a visit to the National Park and the manager has been suspended and the Finance Controller has been given a slap on the wrist.  He has been sent home much to the annoyance of the consuming public.

GPL seems to be on the radar of the audit and forensic community when the ‘big-truck’ rolls into town early next week.

Presidential watchers seem to think that Jagdeo was fully engaged and never discouraged or tried to persuade his executives and operatives about the moral consequences and cost of in-equities in the system.  Perhaps Jagdeo never had a hobby and in his heart of hearts when he hears terms like “give and take” he interprets that as give away what is not yours and take what is not yours also.

A story that is making the rounds in GT circles is an ad inviting “well-endowed” friends to acquire lands and exquisite homes aback of Providence.  Apparently 90% or the respondents were black thus derailing the original plan to have a closed community of  East Indians who were monetized by the corrupt PPP administration.

Here again Jagdeo seems to be well engaged and is moving from one bad situation to another and Mr. Ramotar apparently was not briefed fully about all the under-hand and shady dealings.  Ramotar is currently under close-watch by his handlers and doctors.  Dr Luncheon too, head of the Presidential secretariat now has an on-line King James Version of the bible wherever he goes.  Too much drama makes for self inflicted trauma at the blue iguana.

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