By EWALT AINSWORTH          06 22 2012

The word is out that the duo leadership of the PPP led Guyana Government is running scared with the questionable accident of prominent Guyanese lawyer Gregory Gaskin on Wednesday.  Some government offices permitted employees to leave early while in the commercial district merchants shuttered up and the perennial question of “how and why” is on everybody’s lips.

APNU leader David Granger, who is also a former commissioned and decorated soldier like Gaskin, is currently in the Diaspora for a series of meetings with the State Department.  Originally Granger should have been doing some meetings too with supporters and fund raising events in the Diaspora. Gaskin’s death has put everything on a slow fire.  

This is Granger’s second visit in four weeks.  He was here to celebrate Memorial Day and do fund raising in the Georgia community.  In the light of Gaskin’s death, Mr. Granger will be cutting short his visit and returning home for the funeral which will be announced as soon as investigations are concluded.

In the mean time, confidential sources are reporting that “the PPP are more afraid of the soldiers than they are of the PNC or APNU.”  Earlier this year Granger and the joint opposition were able to negotiate the release of two military families who were locked up for treason by President Jagdeo without a trial for almost three years.

Suspicions of the involvement and initiation of a “cherry-picking” campaign by the PPP to neutralize the support of the soldiers by the APNU/AFC consortium, runs high.

Gregory was 64 and was the only son of former education Minister Winifred Gaskin, a founder member of the PNC.  Greg leaves to mourn a wife Noreen and two sons.  He also was Chief Executive of a Security outfit (COPS).

Mr. Gaskin shared a legal practice with Chief political adviser to Granger, Joe Harmon, also a decorated and commissioned military man and Attorney Winston Moore who like Granger, is also out of Guyana.  The three shared a practice and an office.

Local investigators and CARICOM-based lawyers who studied with Gaskin in the region are mounting a serious investigation and at time of writing did not issue their findings.


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