By EWALT AINSWORTH                              06 21 2012

The People’s Republic of Victoria (PRV) will have its annual breakfast morning on June 30th and preparations are in high gear for this momentous event.  And in traditional village style it is not the patwah-stew, cassava bread, roti, salt-fish mixed up with Burma-beads served in a chilled calabash but the maubies, the niceties, calories and the ubiquities that will count.  Also  the  ole-talk and the ganga and much anticipated announcement that one of Victoria’s own if present as predicted, may announce her intention to contest the next general elections in Guyana.

Ulele Burnham

This writer is telling it exactly the way he buy it.  Speculation is rife in London, in North America and in some sectors of Guyana that Ulele Burnham, who has adopted Victoria as her home turf, may very well be a contestant for the leadership of the party her father LFS Burnham molded and crafted with his own hands.  

It is common knowledge in the PRV that Burnham used to spend holidays with the Gideon family who were adept in farming and crafting things with their hands.  Brother Gideon was also bulky, bearded and very industrious.  The Cde Leader exposed his children to this family and always encouraged them to make forays into the by-ways and pathways of everyday people like Berbician, Bag –Rice, Murphy, Miss Lepps, Val and Cecil Ram.  Ulele developed an appreciation for people and plurality by mixing and meddling at all levels of the Guyanese society.  Providence achieved.

Victoria breakfast

And one of her  nannies and principal organizers of the breakfast, Ms Eula Ryken-Austin who worked with the family for more than a decade (1972 thru 1983) in an invited comment said “ she got me vote me family vote and Victoria vote, hands down.”

Cousin Eula as she is familiarly called by both Ulele and Melanie has not seen either of the two daughter of Viola Burnham recently but said that one of her daughters, Ms Debbie Austin-Assanah who lives and works in the Bahamas met one of the girls (I am not sure right now which one it was) “but she saw Debbie and pulled her shirt and hugged her;  Debbie did not know who it was until she announced her name and they hugged and kissed and how they cried to be re-united after all these years.”

Cousin Eula was very reminiscent and recalled those days when she took care of these girls at the Belfield residence and how she would take her own children to play with them.  She always had high hopes for both of them but Ulele especially because she used to confide in Mom-Vi in strict creolese that “mommy-me-must.”

  • Mommy-me-must a loose way of saying that you will pursue diligently an ambitious course of action and in the case of Ulele, she always wanted to be a lawyer “even in her infinitesimal days”, according to another conmrade who frequented the residence in those days.
  • And Ulele was right.  She is a lawyer specializing in issues of Poverty and Mental health practices in London.  She was in Guyana recently and made several public appearances and talking with colleagues about issues affecting multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, poverty stricken and the rights of gays and lesbians.
  • Ulele has been invited to the breakfast morning which will be held at a church on Flatbush Avenue starting at 10.00 am.  A line up of popular artistes living in the Diaspora has been arranged and salt-fish and bake seems to be the charm that will do no harm on Grita black-pudding farm.  MAMMY-ME-MUST get some of that.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by francis jackson on June 23, 2012 at 7:17 am

    sorry I could not attend. seem like everybody there, villagers, friends, enemies, supporters. good fellowship


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