By  EWALT AINSWORTH             06 21 2012

Gregory Gaskin

Practising Attorneys from the Caribbean and Private Crime sleuths in Guyana today are returning to the identified crime scene where prominent Guyanese lawyer and former Lieutenant Colonel of the GDF Gregory Gaskin died after a low-speed motor cycle accident.  Mr. Gaskin recently acquired the motor cycle and has been engaged in an encore hobby at his delicate age.

According to an informed source close to the Gaskin family, Gregory 64, left home on Wednesday morning by motorcycle.  His wife Noreen, questioned his actions and his dress in black leather jacket, matching gloves, boots and helmet as if he was going on the race track at South Dakota aback of Timehri.  He brushed her off and tried re-assuring her that he will stop at the office to sign some checks before proceeding on a mid-morning ride. 

Normally, Greg rides with his Attorney partners Joe Harmon and Winston Moore with whom they share a common office and practice.  At the time of the accident Harmon was in court and Moore was out of Guyana on vacation.

At the time of writing, preliminary reports have been sketchy about the time and place of the accident.  It cannot be confirmed if the accident happened on the 15-mile trip up or down because there is no evidence (skid marks or point of impact) at the South Dakota race track.  Greg is not a racing fanatic but in the recent past, he has had a fall on his bike in Trinidad and another more recently in Georgetown.

Reports are also suggesting that he declined medical attention and even spoke to his wife Noreen.  But the ambulance arrived and whisked him away and he was pronounced dead at the Georgetown hospital.

His colleagues at home and in the CARICOM region are not saying much but are mounting a vigorous campaign about the circumstances surrounding his death.

Gregory is the only son of Former Education Minister,the late Winifred Gaskin, in the independence era of the Burnham administration.  Greg also has two sons and was CEO of a security company that has active contracts with the American Embassy and the Gold Mining industry.

Funeral arrangements will be made at the conclusion of investigations.


2 responses to this post.

  1. There is a fiduciary responsibility on the part of those who choose to report the news to refrain from inference and refuse manufactured facts.

    Moreover, if your sources are questioned, then in te spirit of the profession, you must be ready, willing and able to identify those sources, unless they classified under Government guidelines.

    Mr. Gaskin expired under circumstances that were accidental and sad. To attempt to sensationalize this tragedy is both insensitive and crass. What is even more crass, is to adopt a posture of abrasiveness when the undertone of foul play was challenged.

    You may have hung up th ephone on me, Mr. Ainsworth but I am sure that you hav enot disconnected the reading community that frowns on yellow journalism.


  2. Posted by Ann on June 26, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    Thank you Mr. Ainsworth for your efforts in keeping us informed.


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