Natural Black – Revolution


By Ewalt Ainsworth              06 19 2012

The only love the residents of Linden can expect this year is from the hoses of the water cannons as the Police Force, in concert with the Home Affairs Ministry, intensifies training of young recruits to pour irritants on the innocent.

Both banks and flanks of the mining community are resisting efforts by the PPP to digitalise their poverty.  Instead Lindeners are calling for a rational approach and community efforts in getting access to clean water, health services, schools and equipment, cheap food, maintaining of roads and a laundry list of other social issues.  Jobs seem to be the most important feature on their list of demands and storming them with water cannons seems to be a form of domestic terrorism and diluted apartheid.     

The last general elections the Home Affairs Ministry had programmed into their training combating civil disobedience and protests. In the light of the looming Linden fiasco the Home Affairs folks with Rohee at the helm are ratcheting-up their preparations. Surprisingly there was none and the 37-million water-cannon had to be put back in cold storage.  Come July, Linden has made it pellucidly clear that they are not paying more for current and the Government is malicious in its resolve to use force.

The Joint Opposition wants the matter to be discussed in the national assembly and at the time of writing the PPP wants things their way…US OR CHAOS.

Linden over produces electricity and is hooked up to the national grid.  Linden even though it bears the name of deceased President Forbes Burnham, is the least of the challenges facing the PPP in terms of right sideling its programmed legacy of a disease causing entity.

It will be cheaper to intensify collection efforts in coastal communities like East Bank, East Coast, East Berbice, West Demerara and Essequibo.  All these communities have pockets of strong holds and they have been building mac-mansions and running two different cables to their homes.  One cable serves as official to satisfy meter readers and the other is where their hot stuff comes in on.

In places like Mon Repos, Zeeburg, Strath Spey, Huist’dieren and Port Mourant, it is no secret that on meter reading day, the respective police departments have to accompany meter readers.  The meter readers can only estimate from afar what the consumption pattern is.  Eighty per cent of homes in Indian enclaves have undergone expansion, enclosure or additions, in effect doubling consumption patterns, consistent with the PPP moving into power in 1992.

In addition party stalwarts and drug dealers affiliated with the PPP in all sectors of the community consider that the last bill they pay is their electricity bill.

Presidents Jagdeo and Ramotar are barking up the wrong tree by targeting Linden to pay increased tariffs.  Fix what exists in your own backyard first before moving into the deep and unknown where untold retaliations, reprisals and revenge seems to be looming.


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