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Guyana Cultural Assoc. of New York. – Call for Nominations

Guyana Masquerade Flounce

Guyana Cultural Association of New York, Inc.

Guyana Cultural Association of New York, Inc....

Vibert Cambridge 12:26pm Jun 17



Masquerade, rooted in African festive custom, has been and continues to be, an art form primarily expressed through street performance that traces its development and survival to multi cultural traditions. Emerging in Guyana before emancipation, this “new world” phenomenon is characterized by melodious rhythms, with the principal dance performers including flouncers, Mad Bull, Mother Sally and later additions, Bam Bam Sally and Stilt dancers. They dance energetically to the fife, the snare (aka kittle) drum, the tenor drum, and the steel or triangle. The brightly colored costumes represent the festive mood, while characters, such as Mother Sally parodied the colonial ruling class, thus providing at least temporary psychological and visceral relief.    Continue reading


Linden electricity increases hidden in ceilings- official

Linden electricity increases hidden in ceilings- official

Rates for electricity in Linden on both sides of the Demerara River have remained unchanged but at least one official noted that the catch is in the lowering and introduction of new ceilings.

Government has announced that from 2012, Lindeners will gradually pay more electricity because government intends to cut the GUY$2.9 billion subsidy. Currently, inLinden, electricity costs between $5 and $15 per kWh, while on the GPL grid customers pay an average of $64 per kWh.

Secretary of the Linden Utilities Utility Services Co-op Society (LUSCL), Charles Sampson bemoaned the lowering of the ‘free’ ceiling from 300 KWh to 50 KWh to bauxite pensioners- a benefit he said had been agreed to with the then state-owned Linden Mining Enterprise  [more]