David Rudder – A Madman’s Rant.


By Ewalt Ainsworth                                                     06 11 2012

Somebody must have whispered to President Jagdeo that this is a ‘dress-down’ world but he is so addicted to being a majority of one that he cannot ‘leggo’ and let President Ramotar splutter, stutter and suffer.  Ramotar by himself is nothing, but you can still see his little ego pushing thru but stifled and confused, not knowing where to turn and how to go from nothing to anything.

At one time, Ramotar had pinned his hopes on oil but the Venezuelans do not know how to turn their backs when they see wrong things happening.  Charity begins at Charity; you cannot be stealing and smuggling the oil one day in lungitah and the next day become Honorary Consul to Spain and hope for a breakthrough.  The PPP has to learn to craft a narrative of grace and galvanise its sovereignty rather than gamble with the gutter rats in polyester suits.   

The PPP missed a great opportunity to correct these ills but hard-ears.  The Joint opposition …APNU / AFC both have the formula and faculty for a great narrative.  Separately and jointly they can field a force of men and women with integrity and depth if only the farcical and whimsical PPP would just listen…listen and learn.   Any other corps or career minded citizens will do and be better than the current crop and crap that is offered to be slaughtered.

Selling rum in bulk and selling bulk rum is not an achievement.  Importing sugar from Guatemala and stuffing the containers with guns and grenades is importing terrorism.  The CARICOM region has a workforce that can adapt and apply their local expertise in exploring and exploiting the hinterland and diamond fields as has been done in times past.  Trying to create a narrative of East Asians who do not know a damn thing about the living conditions here is a slap in the face of the regional community.  Offer the incentives of affordable transportation, workmen’s compensation, health care, duty free concessions, roads, telecommunication, security et al.  Privatise the ailing sugar industry and re-introduce other crops and Guyana will be well on its way to self sufficiency and prosperity.  But nope.  The PPP is afraid of shared governance and shared wisdom and shared growth….US OR CHAOS  is their chorus line.

Neither Presidents Jagdeo nor Ramotar wants to forge a genuine dialogue with the joint opposition. Maybe Ramotar would but Jagdeo simply would not let him….that is the long and short as they both plan to trade places again at a soon to be announced date.  Worse than saying nothing over the last 6-months, for Ramotar is not having anything to say.  There is no fire in his belly and share lowra in his guts.

Dr Luncheon, head of the presidential secretariat is not any better or getting better.  Former President Desmond Hoyte was once overheard saying that “the diseases he (Luncheon) was trained to treat have gotten to his own head.” Luncheon is neurologist by profession.

Now is a good time, a grand time to foster a working relationship with all the affected publics as the joint opposition…both APNU and AFC develop momentum and create a narrative for lifting the Guyanese society out of this economic morass.  The US OR CHAOS mantra is both wrong and irrelevant.  This Soviet doctrine is out of place and belongs to a past era and not in a plural, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-racial and diverse GT.

Simple tasks like appointing a commissioner of Police should not be an issue and an arduous task.  Policemen like soldiers, come a dime-a-dozen but basing every decision on ethnicity and going-along-to-get-along is cancerous and nefarious within the ranks of the PPP.

The story has been told that some years ago when former special branch chief Mentore left office, Burnham was presented with a short list of four eligible and serious contenders.  All four men were black but three were light skinned and the fourth, dark.  All three of the red men separately and unknowing to each other, quietly approached Burnham touting their suitability and each castigating especially the dark horse Fraser, who lived in Mahaicony, while  all the others lived in Georgetown.  They all decried Fraser as living too far and having the wrong zip code and in a crisis he will not be in place to handle things.

Burnham for two weeks did not do anything and one morning shortly after 2.00a.m., there was something of a blizzard at his Belfield residence.  He got Mc Watt who was the supervising officer at the time, Belfield Residence, to call all four of the contenders to appear immediately to see the Kabaka because there was allegedly, a crisis.

The three red men…Skip Roberts, Crime Chief, Laurie Lewis, Commander in charge of  A-division and Norman Mc Lean, Traffic Chief were all more than an hour late and were turned back  by the guards at Belfield residence.  Laurie Lewis lived only 8 minutes away and was 90 minutes late and never got another promotion after that episode.   Mr. Fraser, who lived at Mahaicony, arrived 18 minutes after he received the call driving his mid-night blue MITSUBISHI-GALLANT with license plate PAA 4950.  The very next day Fraser got his appointment and remained erudite and loyal until Burnham’s demise, summer of 1985.  All these men are still alive and can be reached by e-mail for verification.

Burnham always found a way when there was no way.  Kicking the man down the road is both delaying and denying justice.  President Ramotar has to learn to dance to the beat of a different drummer and not the corrupt, corrupting and corruptible Jagdeo.  Jagdeo does not have the pedigree, experience and exposure to lead.  He was president by default and is doing to Ramotar what was done to him.  It is a vicious cycle.

Last week’s cleanup campaign by the Joint ABC & EU countries is a telling story and a narrative of failure.  Sweeping the treasury clean and vacuuming the people’s money is not synonymous with keeping the city clean.

The Foreign Service community has tabulated and inventoried every cigarette box, every soft drink cap, every soiled diaper, every red plastic bag and every Fanta bottle that is strewn and disposed of by the populace.  There was a method to the seeming madness of cleaning up a bustling city and an effervescent community.

The PPP administration has purged itself of morality, equity and equality.  The top one per cent owns more than 60 per cent; they pay themselves upwards of ten times more in the Office of the President.  The international 592 dialing code is also a code for the average blood sugar levels of residents, the number of suicides, rapes, murders, road accidents and any other and all other recorded statistics of behavioral issues.  Jagdeo even attempted to pay himself approximately 592 a day for being ex-president.

The APNU & AFC through dint of hard work and commitment, have divested themselves of the rancor and with time, will cultivate a controlling interest in the narrative for peace, stability and prosperity for Guyanese; a wish hoped for and an actuality achieved as the PPP stumbles and fumbles in the dark.


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