Cro Cro – Jail Them


By Ewalt Ainsworth 05 07 2012

The word ‘botha’ has crept into the lexicon of Guyanese especially within the Armed and Security forces to describe operatives of East Indian descent who have no experience, aptitude or attitude to perform certain skilled tasks. The word ‘botha’ is a synonym for creeping apartheid or the Indianisation of top positions even though Guyana is multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, plural and diverse.

At the beginning of June the botherisation process became most visible and prominent when the duo Presidents of Guyana appointed two Deputy Commissioners namely Leroy Brummel and Seelall Persaud whose substantive positions were Deputy Commissioners. Dem boy say that if Brummel really really wanted the position and promotion. It is not too late to marry an Indian like Watts, head of D-division. That is called global positioning syndrome or GPS fuh short.  

Mr Brummel has been Acting as Commissioner for more than three years, technically speaking. His predecsor, Greene, has always been embroiled in scandals, corruption and suffers from ill-health which necessitated ‘light-duties’ and hospitalization over extended periods.

Mr. Brummel is an Accountant by profession and has been leaning towards opening a number of pending cases of perjuy, conflict of interest, graft, corruption and over-paying in the top heavy PPP administration.

The PPP will not appoint Brummel as Commissioner; they will not appoint a commissioner who will pull the safety rug from under their feet. Instead they have been baby-sitting Mr. Seelall who has no claim to fame or expertise other than being from the same ethnic background and proclivity to ‘go-along-to-get-along.’

This week Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon, described at the end of a Cabinet briefing that there was no urgency or necessity to appoint a Commissioner. What Luncheon did not verbalize but intimated by his own actions is that apartheid is a given; a business model in Guyana.
The police force is severely handicapped in terms of strength, capabilities, attrition and the inability to attract recruits and ensigns. The Police Service Commission is the agency that normally appoints top-cops and gives policy directions but since the PPP took office two decades ago, it is more about patronage and the ability to protect and serve the one-per cent.

It is also being spoken out loud in some security circles that a civilian commissioner is being actively considered. The paperwork that this change entails has not been completed but a particular Indian member of the legal profession, is waiting in the wings.

The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) will also be losing its black Commander and an Indian Commander has already been fitted and approved for the takeover. Meanwhile statistics available reveal that both GPF & GDF are joined at the hips and both Brummel and Best…”B & B only have the titles and decorations but the real power and control come from Gajraj and Seelall.” Both these outfits also have more Amerindian members than there are East Indians. Whatever that number is, there are still ten times more blacks in the force and for each senior position, ten blacks are qualified, have the attitude experience and gravitas. Race matters.

A phenomenon that has surfaced too is that on patrols, joint or otherwise, East Indian operatives operate under a different set of rules and always assume leadership irrespective of their ranks. As a result the objective/investigation at hand is always diluted or confidentiality broached. This is a mild way of saying that when the subject or suspect is Indian, efforts are always afoot to leak or in different ways try to thwart investigations. Apartheid the pitting of one race against the other and desecrating the efforts of the majority is what is playing out in so many levels especially in the security and armed forces.

In the meantime, crime in every sector and sect has multiplied and morals have dropped. Black folks who are invested in their communities have to form vigilante groups and pay for the street lights as part of their domestic utility bill. Immigration is another way of coping in the light of creeping apartheid and apartheid creeping into the nation as a whole.


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  1. Posted by Keith Williams on September 15, 2012 at 4:48 pm

    I agree. I have long been using the analogy of apartheid to describe the political, social and economic stratification of Guyana under the PPP. Why it continues to creep deeper and deeper into the lives of everyone is due to the ineptitude of the opposition, particularly the PPP, its cowardice, and its narrow craving for power that causes it to ignore the racist aspects of the PPP governance for fear of angering potential Indian crossover voters.

    Guyana is becoming one big Soweto, and we have no Mandela. We have no Mandela because the PNC has position itself and occupy space where real leadership would have naturally grown into. Until the entire current leadership of the PNC is sent packing, the streams of apartheid will continue to grow until it inundates every aspect of the society. And we will have the PNC to thank for that.


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