Aswad- Warriors


By Ewalt Ainsworth                       05 31 2012

Three decades ago when the Burnham administration started the East Coast extension road project money was no probemma; the problemma was no money. That administration too made governance seem like a big sugar cake and if there was discrimination and racism, you had to wear binoculars and telescopes. Whatever was offered to the goats, the kiddies got the same thing too; you cannot like the goat and hate the kiddie too. That was bad politics from jump-street.

“And where horse guh jackass used to guh too.” (An extract from the declaration of Sophie from Victoria).

One of the hallmarks of that era was vision and when there is vision, there is also provision (and desserts with dried fruits like bilimbi, carambola and raisins. The then administration made a way when it seemed as if there was no way.

The international funding agencies only appropriated funds for Turkeyen but with dialogue between and among all the affected publics and a deliberate development support communication project, the people were included from conception to implantation/consumption. The PPP is now piggy backing on the extension and expansion but falling short and not working in tandem with communities.

Burnham was able to mobilize all the local resources and later consulted with his roads Minister, Steve Naraine and made him find a way by taking the 4-lane highway even beyond Plaisance into Better Hope. There was balance and there was dialogue and there was also progress.
Today, the PPP administration is doing some follow up work from a point outside of Better Hope to Golden Grove, an ethnic enclave about 15 miles outside of Georgetown.

The residents from the People’s Republic of Victoria and adjoining country home to deceased President Burnham. a proverbial spit away, are pissed. The residents claim that the PPP advisers and development planners like to sip and chat over breakfast and emerge as ‘cereal-killers’ of villages and progressive communities. This time, if no other time, they are demanding their roads because they feel just as worthy or even more worthy that any other stop-off point. They are also prepared to protest and protect their communities by any means necessary because the PPP Government is a disease causing entity and cannot be trusted.

The People’s Republic of Victoria is also the first village in Guyana in which slaves pooled their shillings and bought the lands and subdivided same between and among themselves. This business model for investment and ownership was multiplied scores of times in other communities. Victoria was and will be long before and after Golden Grove and here it is the government is playing footsy again and trying to stifle and retard their efforts and prove them unworthy and non productive in spite of their vitality, victory and valor. Victorians will no longer be victims or victimized by foolish people and will cuss and scream wherever the road lead.

What is both disgusting and disheartening too is that the anchor community of Victoria, a mere two miles beyond is excluded from the expansion and extension. The people of Victoria are looking for an explanation and an examination of the mental status of the current Minister of Works, Robeson Benn whom they once considered ‘family.’ It seems like what they give him to rub he tek and eat but Northbrook clients do not harbor rats to bite their shorts.

Worse is that 30-odd years ago, the Bunham administration had also proceeded to telegraph the road expansion and had widened several bridges so that construction can be executed. Among the bridges expanded to accommodate a four lane highway was the bridge linking the administrative center of Cove and John with Victoria. Ask former teacher and National Service Captain Roy Holder whose car…an orchid blue TRIUMPH rally one mid-summer’s night, careened off the road and was airborne landing in the middle of the construction project. Roy survived and lived to tell the tale. Ever since that time the bridge was rechristened ROYBRIDGE.

Victorians too in the Diaspora are twice as pissed for the PPP dissing them, knowing fully well that the People’s republic of Vicotria is planning a massive 175th anniversary celebrations in Novembers of 2014…the same time the project is scheduled to be completed. One would have thought that at least the administration would have done its homework and find out the needs, ambitions and expectations of all the affected and adjoining communities. But nope.

The PPP only responds to chucks. On the morning of Saturday June 30th, the Victoria folks will have their annual breakfast and I-TO-CUM session. Normally they will meet and ganga over mauby, fly, cassava pone, shingles, conkie, egg and so, milk and thing. But this year high on the agenda will be the road. Already indigenous ones say they may have to cut a road at sea if the government does not ben(n)d…a play on words for the attention of Robeson Benn.

Golden Grove/Nabaclis people come from the same cut of cloth like Victoria people. When they die, their bodies are interred in Victoria and it is never the reverse.

Victoria folks like Cannon, Wax, Raybeef, Chookbeer, FLASH, Patches, Kala(DEEN), Darshu, Goatie, Balgobin, Tobrook, Skin-diver, Pissing-rabbit, Dalchan and Buddy-Sobers among others are pissed and will not take this one lying down.

Victoria is twice as worthy as any other community and are demanding and are prepared to make rough house, and make the road end outside of the umbrella Grove-Haslington village district. ASOMELYKAM.


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