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CRYFUS was the baby name

Cry me a river  by Jackie Opel


CRYFUS was the baby name

By Ewalt Ainsworth 06 04 20122

The world seems to be running out of real names for newborns, male or female and GT types are dumping traditional names and spellings and adopting names that really reflect their economic and social status.

In 2011 Sophia was the most popular name for females and Barry (short for Barack) was the most popular male name. It is not the name that generates the tears but the prevailing economic conditions and so children when they get to young adulthood are changing their names and bringing tears to their parent’s eyes. The kids are stereotyped by their names and cannot find a parachute to land safely in an upwardly mobile and progressive environment. A wrong name can be a permanent impediment.    Continue reading


Aswad- Warriors


By Ewalt Ainsworth                       05 31 2012

Three decades ago when the Burnham administration started the East Coast extension road project money was no probemma; the problemma was no money. That administration too made governance seem like a big sugar cake and if there was discrimination and racism, you had to wear binoculars and telescopes. Whatever was offered to the goats, the kiddies got the same thing too; you cannot like the goat and hate the kiddie too. That was bad politics from jump-street.

“And where horse guh jackass used to guh too.” (An extract from the declaration of Sophie from Victoria).

One of the hallmarks of that era was vision and when there is vision, there is also provision (and desserts with dried fruits like bilimbi, carambola and raisins. The then administration made a way when it seemed as if there was no way.

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