Mighty Sparrow singing School days



By EWALT AINSWORTH                    05 31 2012

In some school districts in the Diaspora, school is out and by June 29 most, if not all schools, will be shuttered and students sent home until after Labor Day in September. In the face of austerity measures summer schools and organized camps will be extremely limited and brief and parents will have to pick up the slack.  In GT, as a matter of fact, it is during this summer period and at home where most education takes place; schools are overrated as places of learning; schools are about indoctrination and making every student submit to authority and suggestible to the virile corruption and indoctrination, compliments of the PPP.  

Critical educationists are beginning to find out and make public that most learning takes place in homes and teachers are nothing more than glorified baby sitters irrespective of their subject area of proficiency or qualification. Home schooling is the way to go rather than sending your children to school where they are stuffed with words and their cognitive and intuitive selves are dumbed down. One of the reasons they cannot find jobs at graduation is because education has not been keeping pace with the marketplace. See-am-na-get-am-bayaa. Some agencies have been trying to get parents to bring their daughters to work but when a spread sheet is analysed, girls prefer to spread their wings or feet and move on to unconventional positions like diving for gold and diamond in Guyana’s hinterland.

Children are born smarter than their parents and do not have to be taught the four ‘Rs”…reading, ‘riting, recreation and rhythm; they are born with a certain propensity to absorb what is in their immediate environment. And so from a very early age even while in the cradle, they can recognize physical features, kindness, similarity or sameness of kin and retain information about what goes where. Some kids at that tender age also develop an affinity for pets, favorite foods and know how to use the remote control or game boy.

And so the story goes that teachers are not given the remuneration or respect that is needed in the theatre of schools. As a result, classrooms have been transformed into war-rooms and bully pulpits.
Guyana’s education Minister Dr Manickchand seems to have been reading up some of this foreign stuff and seems to be convinced wholeheartedly that education does not matter. But long before you can have good children you have to have good parents and so the immediate past generation that has reproduced the current school population, does not have the skill set or tools to cope with the decadence and decay and devolution in the Guyanese society.

There is dysfunction and dementia affecting so many households that it would be criminal…at least so it seems, to itemize the breakdown in the society. Parents in their productive years are moving to other countries leaving behind their fledgling off spring only to be further abused by the teaching community. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, neighbors are involved in co-parenting in the absence of parents who cannot find meaningful work in Guyana. And when they do find work, it cannot cover their bills and they are forced to supplement their income by accepting bribes, selling information, petty theft or soliciting favors from clients whom they do business with.

School age children in certain satellite communities are the principal breadwinners in their family. Some schools offer full-size cafeteria with gourmet meals and parents shine their pots and come eat with their offspring because it is cheaper and crunchier. Much more that that, the kids are involved in various levels of drug use…some are pushers and others are push-overs. Parents are forced to be silent and embrace their kids….a classic case of tails wagging dogs.

The story has been told that a QC fifth grade student entered her parent’s room late one night high like a common kite and ended up sleeping on the father’s side of the bed. He in turn mistook her for the mother and the daughter shoved him off saying…see-am-na-get-am-bayaa. Loosely translated she was saying not because he saw her naked and vulnerable he was entitled to have sex with her.

Guyana needs a total makeover; an overhaul in every sect 0r sector of the society. School age girls over the last few months have been intensifying their efforts in learning to swim and dive as part of a grand orchestrated scheme to invade the diamond mining fields in Potaro, Cuyuni and Mazaruni rivers. It is common knowledge that jobs are not available in the education provided in schools does not prepare students for the jobs that are circulating. Divers in the interior can make as much as US 10,000 over the summer. The public servie only pays about US 1,000. In addition jobs these days demand uniforms, no cell phones, no eating, no soliciting et al. It is the school girls who are leading the fight to the gold and diamond fields because they see no virtue or future in cramming, reciting and articulating verses and chapters when vices are paramount, pleasurable, precious and plausible. See-am-na-get-am-bayaa.

In the diamond field they do not have to wear uniforms or go thru the traumatic cycle of determining what to wear and how-it-go-look. Everything in the interior appears in natural formation, form and color; money matters. Even their pay packets are wet and drenched as they are submerged in water and bearing an oxygen tank, half their body weieht and pushing sands that glitter and punctuated with precious stones that adorn the marketplace at home and abroad. And so when the Education Minister talks about not paying teachers more, she may have a point. They too can find jobs in the interior panning for gold and diamonds rather than wasting time and stressing themselves for the pittances the PPP offers. See-am-na-get-am-bayaa.


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