Steel Pulse – Prodigal Son


By Ewalt Ainsworth                            05 29 2012

The Reverend Junior Finance Minister and head pro tem of the ERC, Juan Edghill should give up his salary effective immediately. Giving up his salary would be a decent way of saying to the duo leaders of Jagdeo and Ramotar that you empahthise and feel the pain of the employees who have not been paid for the month of May.

Perhaps Cde Edghill the prodigal son should look at the experience of Guyana’s first Governor General, Sir David Rose who saw scaffolding coming down on him and rather than change course or run, he kept his stride without worrying about the outcome. That is what real men do; they are not outcome oriented even in the face of danger and death. They make the ultimate sacrifice so that others can live and learn Sir David Rose is now a permanent resident at the SEVEN PONDS…the same area that Elder Phillip Moore was denied a place. Now it is your time to make your name and man up.   

This is the stuff men are made of and as Finance Minister you should be working to find a way when there is no way. Be a man and the least you can do is to deny yourself a few towels to empathise rather than sympathise and big-up the 23 workers who would have to kick brick in the cooperative republic.

Mr. Edghill you should be able to wake up in the morning and say with pride I DID IT. By your deeds you can be moved from being simplistic and be moved to higher moral ground. The prodigal image would be erased and you would graduate if only you can be a man for one day, just this one time.
The mitigating circumstances are irrelevant at this juncture. Projecting the issues on to the Joint Oppositi0n is a poor substitute for manning up and take a salary cut until better can be done.

Be a man comrade Edghill and take an unorthodox move that is not in the playbook of the PPP and bring out an energy force that will get the 23 affected and afflicted employees to understand and they will look at you and see you in a different light and over time, the entire disappointment will become a gain.

An argument will not resolve the budget cris. You have failed miserqably to blend and effect ethnic relations and your political bosses are sending you a strong message that you too is on the chopping bloc. As a man of the cloth, you should step away and step out and show all the affectd publics that the towels you are offered as a salary, is just money; your character means much more than any dollar you are offered, budget or no budget.

Mr Edghill your ideas must be pure and purified and one sound way of experiencing the process of purification is to do what you have to do without reward or recognition. But I suspect you are in the business of being liked and cussing the enenmy will not resolve the problem. The enemy you should be cussing is the one within yourself. Get real and get smart and do the right thing. Put yourself in the place of the employees and bare your chafe like banwari. In the first place you do not have the temperament or skill set for the position and now that it is going away, man-up; do like great men and be a drum major for equity and equality Rev edghill. AMEN.


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