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Mighty Sparrow singing School days



By EWALT AINSWORTH                    05 31 2012

In some school districts in the Diaspora, school is out and by June 29 most, if not all schools, will be shuttered and students sent home until after Labor Day in September. In the face of austerity measures summer schools and organized camps will be extremely limited and brief and parents will have to pick up the slack.  In GT, as a matter of fact, it is during this summer period and at home where most education takes place; schools are overrated as places of learning; schools are about indoctrination and making every student submit to authority and suggestible to the virile corruption and indoctrination, compliments of the PPP.   Continue reading


Steel Pulse – Prodigal Son


By Ewalt Ainsworth                            05 29 2012

The Reverend Junior Finance Minister and head pro tem of the ERC, Juan Edghill should give up his salary effective immediately. Giving up his salary would be a decent way of saying to the duo leaders of Jagdeo and Ramotar that you empahthise and feel the pain of the employees who have not been paid for the month of May.

Perhaps Cde Edghill the prodigal son should look at the experience of Guyana’s first Governor General, Sir David Rose who saw scaffolding coming down on him and rather than change course or run, he kept his stride without worrying about the outcome. That is what real men do; they are not outcome oriented even in the face of danger and death. They make the ultimate sacrifice so that others can live and learn Sir David Rose is now a permanent resident at the SEVEN PONDS…the same area that Elder Phillip Moore was denied a place. Now it is your time to make your name and man up.    Continue reading




BY EWALT AINSWORTH                                         09 14 08

Things are getting tougher and tougher for immigrants in North America. Some GT folks stop playing it by the books and have gone to tricks so as to stay in the house, keep the car and generally keep their head above water.

Now that it is officially summer, based on the social calendar (Memorial Day May 28), everybody is cutting back. Families going to the supermarket with their own shopping bag. Workers are walking with their oil bottles, and connoisseurs soaking rice and corn to make their own wine and bush rum. Continue reading