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By Ewalt Ainsworth                      05 25 2012

Stranger-danger seems to be the biggest problem affecting Guyanese as they celebrate 46 years of independence. Scores of rural and city folks are also combining their efforts and resources to paint zebra- crossings to accommodate their communities in the light of hit-and-run accidents both day and night. Equally disturbing too is the civil right of citizens to find safety and comfort in their homes without being molested physically, sexually or spiritually

The stranger-danger syndrome is both deliberate and organized as the ruling PPP Party and government try desperately to rearrange the presence of certain ethnic groups in certain communities.  For example, Region Six which is their stronghold, these residents are being reshuffled and occupying lands and homes in both regions four and five.  The PPP lost both these regions at the last elections and plan to recapture same at the upcoming snap elections.  

Stranger-danger is also affecting women and the rituals in their respective communities.  On the East Coast, the PPP has installed residents from Tiger Bay.  The PPP has been able to shove out these communities and have brought in private entrepreneurs to buy up traditional buildings like Foreman in the area.  The deposed and dispossessed people, who have been shifted to Anns Grove and Hope, are not accustomed to country life picking coconuts and farming to supplement their income.  In frustration, there are greater incidents of theft, rape and hit and run accidents.

Police in the area have also been reporting but not necessarily investigating a new phenomenon called ‘corrective rape.’

Citizens who show or propagate gay life styles and associations are caught and sodomised with the hope and expectation of sexual preference in the opposite sex.

Older people, who prefer to live by themselves, are also assaulted and raped.  Some men specialize in this type of victim and in most cases, they are known but family cannot believe that they commit these acts.  The police are never informed because they do not have the tools and investigative techniques to unearth the facts from sometimes senile or mentally disabled older folks.

Returning home Guyanese too sometimes have to check in with family but abstain by staying in hotels that offer security guards and transportation services.  Airport staff, immigration, police, and banks especially, flagrantly give details to criminal elements and have them pursue visitors especially when they do money transfers or withdraw/change large sums of cash.

Female visitors to rural communities have complained bitterly that approaching their departure dates, they are attacked, preferably the eve of their departure, and raped.  The rapist in turn will extract information from them and re-contact the victim overseas and offer marriage and beg for forgiveness.  The victims in turn buy their stories come back, marry them and take them overseas to stave off the guilt and embarrassment.  Rape is now a pathway to immigration.

Most troubling is the zebra crossing crimes.  And by this motorists do not stop after accidents anymore unless there is a bystander in the area who recognized them.  New drivers mow into groups of students or citizens anywhere because they attempt to cross the road in front of them.  The drivers know that they cannot be prosecuted because of their affiliation to the ruling party and so citizens in rural areas have formed zebra crossing clubs.  These club members at certain critical times of the day work as vigilantes observing school children as they go back and forth.  In some shopping areas too, they are ever present.

News emerging from GT is also suggesting that some car owners have monkeys attached to their rear windows as if to suggest that they are immune from prosecution and or retribution.  Only this week, an international organization (see attached article) lay at the foot of the ome Afaairs Ministry and police department, the lack of sensitivity to

Home Affairs ministry and police department, the total neglect and insensitivity of rape victims and the non-prosecution and investigation of rapists.

Earlier this year the FELIX AUSTIN training school had to cancel classes for recruits.  Only 20 of an expected 168 persons applied.  No attempt was made to vet the applicants.    Discussions with the private sector is also afoot to move the police headquarters from Eve Leary so that more hotels, clubs, bars, gambling boutiques and malls can be erected by a private developer.  The Lilian Dewar College of Education next to the Pegasus, has been already sold and the Chinese are building a hotel in its place.  Jagdeo apparently, has a personal and private interest in this project; he and the owner of the Pegasus are at loggerheads and so he is getting into the tourist and young girl business again.  He also has an interest in airlines.

Tailors this week are very busy as they attempt to get new uniforms for the ‘top-brass’ in the force.  Unofficial reports suggest that the Crime Chief, Mr. Seelall Persaud may get a political appointment as Commissioner while the Police Service Commission suggested list has been deleted by the President’s office.

Carl Austin, a former Commissioner in a previous administration, this time of year used to visit outlying stations and offer “on-the-spot” promotions.  Good policing was rewarded with promotions.  These days, it is both ethnicity and the g-spot of the affected officers.  Talk half, leff half.

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