BY Ewalt Ainsworth                            5 17 2012

The Joint opposition is intensifying talks about how to treat, incarcerate and hopefully liquidate the NICIL posse that would normally meet at places like the BLUE-IGUANA to recap, recount, and recoil and retail the takings after a big iguana is caught and roasted (seed and all) for the major players like Mike Brassington and Dr Ashni Singh.

The frequent flyers at the late night Alberttown eatery are not as hectic as they used to be pre-NICIL investigations but a substantial amount of other patrons still hang around hoping to find out if the major players will have to serve time.

Incarceration is not off the table but the Joint opposition is taking its time and making sure that before liquidation becomes a reality, at least the legal status of the company must first be determined.     

An affidavit has also surfaced purporting to be signed by Mr. Brassington (see copy below) but yet still he among others, is insisting that NICIL is a private company and totally unrelated to the government.  The only people buying that is  President Ramotar who for the time being, is standing by his Finance Minister when all other indicators suggest that both Ashni and his wife, will be put away for a long, long, long time soon and very soon.

Meanwhile other GT-watchers are looking at another appointment from the BLUE-IGUANA hideout in which Mr. Brian Tiwari, a man with a questionable background in the mining and transportation industry, has been appointed Honorary Consul General to Spain.  One can understand a position in Region Seven or Eight but a diplomatic position to Europe eh?

Ms Debbie Backer, shadow Foreign Minister will not allow this one to pass.  There are two other known and distinguished fellows with the name Tiwari in the Foreign Service:  Jennifer Tiwari who served in Ottawa and Venezuela and Errol Tiwari, former Guyana national chess player.  The PPP has taken a truck driver and bare foot gold miner who cannot recognize his own name if even it is upside down and make him the go-to person in Spain is diluting all the values and vicissitudes of a noble nation.  Debbie has to stall and stave this one off ASAP.


This affidavit document, signed by Winston Brassington’s, proves that NICIL is a Government entity. This document contradicts what he and other members of the PPP government are now saying.  (copied from an OVNM release.)

As Executive Director of NICIL, Winston Brassington and Ashni Singh continue to make the false claim that NICIL is a private organization and as such is not subject to the controls of government or review of the assembly. OVNN was able to uncover facts which point to just the opposite. In a sworn affidavit before the High Court of the Supreme Court of Judicature in Guyana, Winston Brassington stated the following:

“I, Winston Brassington of _ Barrack Street, Kingston, Georgetown, being duly sworn make oath and say as follows:-

1.   National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited is a company wholly owned and directed by the Government of Guyana incorporated for the purpose inter alia of holding and managing property as agent for and on behalf of the Government of Guyana and in that regard operates under the general supervision of the Minister of Finance within the Finance Ministry as a government department, and takes instruction from the Minister as representative of the Government of Guyana.

2.   I am the Executive Director of National Industrial and Commercial Investments Ltd. (NICIL) I am duly authorized to swear this Affidavit on its behalf, and on behalf of the Government of Guyana.

3.   The facts deposed to herein are true and correct within my own personal knowledge save and except where stated to be of my information and belief.”

4.   OVNN will reiterate the words of Chris Ram, “earlier pronouncements of Drs Roger Luncheon and Ashni Singh and now Mr. Winston Brassington that National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) is a private company with the legal right to withhold public moneys is annoying, self-serving, misinformed and mischievous.”

The pronouncements of Singh, Luncheon and Brassington are clearly contradicted by Brassington’s own statement under oath on 16th January, 2009. It is clear that it was their intention to mislead the Guyanese people about activities conducted in the name of the NICIL organization.

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