Final journey begins for late icon, Philip Moore

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Final journey begins for late icon, Philip Moore

Written by Denis Scott Chabrol – Demerara Waves
Tuesday, 22 May 2012 10:31


The first leg of internationally acclaimed artist and sculptor, Philip Moore’s homecoming began Tuesday morning at the Square of the Revolution in the foreground of one of his masterpieces – the 1763SlaveRebellionMonument.

Government and opposition dignitaries are expected to travel to Liverpool for tributes beforeMoore’s body is interred at the Auchlyne Cemetery also on the Corentyne Coast.

Moore,90, died one week ago at his Lancaster Village home.  

Since his passing there has been much debate about whether he should have been granted a State Funeral and buried atSeven Ponds Placeof Heroes, Botanical Gardens.

His son, Phillip Jr; speaking with reporters at the Square of the Revolution, expressed disappointment that both the government and the opposition should have reached agreement on giving his father a “decent funeral.”

He recalled that the Ministry of Culture had first raised the prospects of interring the body at Seven  Ponds and then the issue became the source of much public discussion.

“The government and the opposition- they should have come and have a proper discussion concerning this whole funeral arrangement, burial and so let things run in an orderly manner,” he told reporters. Philip Jr. suggested that his father’s association with late President Forbes Burnham might have been the reason for the less than satisfactory government input into the funeral arrangements for the icon.

“How I look at the whole thing is that walked and worked closely with the late President Burnham and I know it was a very difficult decision to make to give him (what he deserves),” he said.

Several artists, political figures, academics, cultural activists and students of the nearby St. Sidwell’s Primary School turned out to pay their last respects to Moore, a former professor atPrincetonUniversityand until his death, resident tutor at the Burrowes School of Art.

“I’m sad! I just walked around the casket and I felt tears running down my eyes and that touched me,” said artist George Simon, who recalls benefitting tremendously fromMoore’s contributions.

There was also drumming and singing as persons filed past the casket. Government says it has stood a lot of the expenses for the funeral.

The opposition A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance For Change  have both demanded that Moore’s body be buried at Seven Ponds alongside notable personalities like late Governor  General Sir David Rose, late presidents Forbes Burnham and Desmond Hoyte and literary icon, Martin Carter.

APNU has since called for the creation of eligibility criteria and guidelines for State Funerals.

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