Ras Shorty I – Who God Bless


By EWALT AINSWORTH                  05 17 2012

It is now official:  Sir Paul Anthony, Guyana’s Culture Minister has flatly denied the formal request from the grieving Moore family and are reluctantly giving tacit support to “a big funeral” for fallen Guyanese philanthropist, psychologist and patriot/artist Dr Phillip Moore.

In a verbal statement on Friday, the Culture Minister sad that Philip’s cork duck and even though he empathises, his heroic and sterling contribution to global art, peace and prosperity does not necessarily qualify him Dr Moore for a state funeral.

The family, the joint opposition, Berbicians-en-masse, Guyanese in the Diaspora and citizens at-large are protesting electronically and verbally about the PPP’s decision to permit this noble citizen to depart without fanfare or overt participation.

Dr Moore will be buried on Tuesday in Auchlyne, a proverbial spit from the Port Mourant birth place of deceased PPP’s original leader, Dr Cheddie Jagan.

Both these two statesmen, even though in different chosen fields, were passionate about the plight of the right and the current PPP has made all that they both seemed to strive for, derelict and futile.

Elder Philip Moore may have withdrawn from public life in his later years but never withdrew or withheld his sterling self and contribution to the greater cause of humanity.  He died this week at age 90 surviving two of his five children and a whole succession of artists, sculptors, musicians, preachers, teachers, believers, heathens and gentiles alike.  Elder Philip was a fillip in his life and time both at home and abroad.

Elder Moore did not have a hateful bone in his body nor a tortuous muscle.  He did what he liked and did not look for earthly rewards.  He always worked with his hands and his mind was a barometer and informer.  He was self taught in a multiplicity of skills and talents and if we were to do a comparative study and attach a label, he was the dalai lama of the Corentyne, Berbice, Guyana the region and the world.              

Mr. Moore was also a visiting scholar and instructor at the prestigious Princeton University  in New Jersey.  He was also a visiting lecturer at the Burrows School of Art in Georgetown.

Burly in stature, and simple but not simplistic in mannerisms, Elder Moore was a lifelong spiritual leader in the Jordanite faith and every other activity was incidental but not accidental.  He followed his intuitive self and after scores of excursions into the wilderness and forests wherever he went, he gently chopped wood and breathe new life into sticks.  His entire body of work was never revealed but his most outstanding peace to date has been the CUFFY monument in Georgetown, giving new meaning and feeling to the Berbice slave rebellions of 1763.

Elder Moore never flaunted his academic and philosophical prowess but always stood at the ready to engage in civil discourses with all whom would simply listen.  In some circles he was revered as a folk hero and it was oft times opined that he should lie between and among visible statesmen.

This branch of this tree-of-a-man is contentious but those who know him would rather see him grace the perimeters of the SEVEN PONDS…a resting place designed and cultured for heroes.

Elder Moore, a native of Lancaster on the Corentyne, was deliberate.  He organized his life in such a way that he would be where he likes being; home.  He was not a techno-geek but put a wood in his hand, he would tell you about the history, function, potential, price and psyche of each knot.  He was a fillip to all his students and comrades, and the entire world of acclaimed and accomplished artisans, are shedding a silent tear for dear Elder Phillip Moore.

Who God bless no man curse.


2 responses to this post.

  1. A fitting tribute for a great and talented son of Guyana.


  2. Posted by francis yvonne on June 7, 2012 at 8:59 am

    Bro. Phillip Moore never left us, his pair of blessed hands, his gifted talent, mental acuity expressed in his art remains with us. Thank the omnipotent for his presence among us on earth. Ashe’


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