By EWALT AINSWORTH                                          05 `17 2012

Recently and very recently that is a mac-mansion came up for sale within the gated community where yeasty Guyanese trucker/gold miner Mr. Brian Tiwari lives and within 24 hours he wrote a check for one million US dollars stunning the entire Florida community and banks on the East Coast.  It was a brilliant stroke of a pen by a seemingly ‘bare-foot man’ who made one little mistake; he spelt millions with one ‘L’ but the realtor was able to put in the numerical equivalent of (1,000,000.00) on his behalf without a hitch thus completing the transaction.  Mr. Brian Tiwari was this week appointed Consul General of Guyana to Spain.  Some have a gut feeling that Mr. Tiwari was able to buy this new position in cash because nothing in his MO suggests his elevation to higher political office.

It should be noted simultaneously that the new Consul General is not the husband of Ms Jennifer Tiwari, former Consul Genral to Venezuela.  Ms Tiwari is no longer with the Foreign Service and her husband has the same name, Brian; they both reside in Ottawa Canada.  And Jennifer’s brother-in-law, Errol Tiwari, is also out of the Foreign service and he too had a stint in the Ottawa Mission some years ago.     

New information has begun to emerge of the nefarious relations and activities of the Jagdeo/Ramotar presidency and their continuing efforts to give immunity to some of their cohorts in particular recently appointed Honorary Consul General to Spain, Mr. Brian Tiwari.  Nothing is honorable about this appointment and the international investigative community has a gut feeling that some skullduggery lingers and lurks in the background of all the affected parties listed.

The  Coffee group which is a loose collection of GT Presidential watchers in the Diaspora this week revealed that Mr. Tiwari, who is a native of Aurora, neighbouring town of official residence of President Ramotar, purchased on his behalf a US-million dollar home In Florida.  This new home which was originally listed for US1.8 million dollars but reduced because of cash payment is immediately behind the two million dollar home of Mr. Tiwari.

In return for this handsome investment the President has handed over on a platter some 100 acres of Prime real estate immediately behind the Providence stadium.  This plot of land has been earmarked to be developed by Mr. Tiwari with homes, malls, recreation parks, theatres and satellite businesses of the same value, design and pedigree like current homes of both Tiwari and Ramotar.

The Coffee Group also disclosed that approximately 150 homes will be constructed initially and one of Guyana’s top architects and designers, Mr. Mark Rodrigues and a  crack team of assistants, have already been flown to the location in the gated estate which will be used as a template for the Providence investment.

Presidential watchers are also of the opinion that there is nothing honorable of Mr. Tiwari who started off in business as a truck driver and supplied smuggled fuel from Venezuela to installations in the interior.

Mr. Tiwari was originally a personal friend of Jagdeo and when the Government changed hands so did the relationship.  Some describe Mr. Tiwari as “top heavy” and when he meets and greets the politicians, he bumps stomach and feels their guts as a symbol of appreciation, association and corruption.

Mr. Tiwari is also slated to have a direct hand, along with the Brassington family, in the airline industry and does not like to fly commercial airlines.  He always charters jets to get around in North America and in Guyana.  Mr. Ramotar will be visiting his new digs before returning to Guyana soon….perhaps in a red jet…his favorite color.

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