Om Shanti Om – Lord Shorty


By EWALT AINSWORTH                         05 15 2012

The recovery of the white TOYOTA Sprint car owned by deceased  GTM executive Lionel Whyte is now giving clarity to the suspected alternative life style.  Official reports are suggesting that he may have been playing for the wrong social team and pursuing gay paramours.

Mr. Whyte is originally from Bush Lot, West Berbice  (Region Five) and his car was found Thursday night a half an hour away in Stanleytown, New Amsterdam., Region Six.  Tiger Bay residents are pissed and feel that they are being indemnified and identified as criminals when they are just as innocent as every other ethnic enclave.  They were the first to suggest that Mr. Whyte was playing for the wrong team and theme.    

The ice-pick stabbing death of GTM insurance company executive Mr. Lionel Whyte has also sparked a standoff between the investigating services and the Tiger Bay community.  Tiger Bay residents feel as if the Police have stereotyped them, and willing to criminalise the community because of the proximity of his stabbing near Main and Middle streets.

Apparently Mar Whyte was out around 7.30 pm and dressed casually.  In some circles it is known that he has gay liaisons and a disposition for the ‘tri-matic’ portfolio in his day job.  The police without hesitation, rushed down on Bay and the community zipped their lips and shuttered their doors as they became an instant suspect and target for harassment.  At the time of writing, the car he was driving was found and some say his assailant may have used his car to cover up the crime of passion.

The Tiger Bay community is suggesting that the police focus their attention elsewhere because Whyte was allegedly gay and has been embroiled in similar disputes of loyalty.

A close friend and confidant of Mr. Whyte, who spent several hours in Tiger Bay last night after the incident, suggested that Mr. Whyte in addition to his professional associations was a visible member of the Lions Club of Georgetown.  The official said that he has no first hand information about the gender preferences of Mr. Whyte but informed that he lived in a bottom flat apartment with his family in Phoenix Park, West Bank Demerara.

Initial reports suggest that Mr. Whyte may have been at the Park Hotel on Main Street and had walked to his car and may have been confronted by his attackers.  The report also suggests that Mr. Whyte was on his cell phone and did not feel threatened or did not tell the person on the other line that something was happening.  After he was stabbed, he dropped the phone and ran back in the vicinity of the hotel and collapsed.  The phone was found and by the time the other person was re-contacted, the person was surprised because there was no indication of a problem.

Mr. Whyte was 45 years and an eligible bachelor.  He was also a former Human Resources manager at the Georgetown Hospital and was recognized by attending staff but there may have been some delay in emergency treatment so as to ensure who will pick up the tab.

On a slightly related note, treatment at the hospital is not automatic.  His immediate family is now questioning why he was taken to the GHPC first instead to a nearby private hospital.

Standard practice at the GHPC is that patients have certain basic criteria they have to satisfy including ethnicity, gender, residency and reason for service.  Mr. Whyte does not qualify naturally for any of these and several other questions are being asked as a private investigator is being recruited to get to the bottom of it all.

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