By Ewalt Ainsworth                05 10 2012

At least Guyanese at home this mother’s day will not have to worry about President Donald Ramotar making an impromptu visit or stopping in to empathise with flood victims in Lethem.  Residents of Region nine…Upper Takatu/Upper Essequibo  have to use their own initiative and bail as  flood-waters from the higher elevations of Brazil wash away their homes, cut electricity supplies and road transportation while the President rushes to save his face in North America.  The people indigenous people in the Rupununi came out in wholesale numbers to support the APNU/AFC and so there is no love lost at this time.  Perhaps if even they burn in hell, Ramotar ent kay.              

The President is heading north to the USA, and his overseas fans are putting out the red carpet, and making roti with Robin-Hood whole wheat flour.  The perks in the diaspora outweigh the floods and mother’s day celebrations and is going the President going and is gone the President gone.   The President will also make money while overseas because he will not have to account for the spending and allowances under ANCIL rules of engagement the PPP created.

The President does not care much about women and indigenous people; shortly he will be air borne with all expenses paid (scholarship) and will have audience with the US State Department on drug and security issues.  His resume will be looked at while the file on his under hand dealings with East Asia and money laundering/corruption schemes will come under the microscope.  Shared governance and media relations will not be off the table.

Mr. Ramotar will have a full one week scholarship to answer questions and make himself known and understood.  For six months he had evaded sitting and talking to the Guyanese people, the joint opposition, (AFC & APNU) the international community and Drug Enforcement Authorities.   Now that they want him, they have to underwrite all his expenses and he will reciprocate by making a down payment on his suitability and availability for imminent snap elections in GT.  Unfortunately, anybody dropping in on Mother’s Day will be Jagdeo who will not venture anytime soon beyond the shores of Demerara, Essequibo or Berbice.

And while we have Presidents Jagdeo and Ramotar  them both in focus, some central executive members of the PPP whose names all have ‘Rs’ are lobbying and coteuring each other to get the nod as leader and contender for the expected snap elections later this year.  The qualifications are not much for the Party; no credit check, no health check, no mental health check and no bounce check.  As long as you are a man and born of woman, you can make it; Jagdeo did and so too did Ramotar (if only for a short time).

While overseas too from May 12 thru May 19, no one will act as President because no one else can act like either of these two Presidents.  Mr. Ramotar will also be having some straight-up all night sessions with some of the flamboyant donors in New York.  He will be checking in mostly at nights with Jagdeo who will operate as usual from the bunker he shares with his two sisters.

Last night, AFC’s Clarence Hughes challenged the PPP Presidents to make haste and call the snap elections.  He like so as many other Guyanese at home and abroad, have grown fed-up the perennial problems of corruption, drugs, immigration, employment and a general malaise in the society.

The PPP has emerged as a disease causing entity.  The US State department has been looking and noting their main ways of doing business.  In every other country in the world, there are Guyanese incarcerated for drug running.  Last year about this time, a PPP executive was held up along with his New York based girlfriend in Kuwait for suspected trafficking.  Fortunately, the Guyanese Head of Mission there was able to negotiate something and they were both released and warned not to show up again with GT passports.

In another section of the media, there is a report of Guyanese detained in “Ecuador being a drug mule.  If this government is so good, so caring how come all these people are forced to leave and become involved in activities that you cannot put on a resume.  (I should not say that).

A Guyanese held up in Saskatchewan while serving a 15 year prison sentence which came to an end in 2011, while processing his release, applied to a major pharmaceutical company for a position as a drug marketing specialist.  On his resume he claimed he was able while in prison, to run an annual $40 million operation that affected more than 2,000 people globally.  Would you believe he got the job and a sign on bonus of US one million?  (Sounds like a colleague of Roger Khan eh?)

Guyana is devolving; it is hemorrhaging for want of shared governance and an un-common wisdom to move people from their deft existence to global prominence.  Bring on the elections and it will happen, Mr. Ramotar.


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