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BY EWALT AINSWORTH                 05 05 2012

Had he lived, 8th of May this year Guyana’s altruistic and rustic former Prime Minister, Dr Ptolemy Reid would have been 100 years of age (May 1912 to September 2003). The ‘grand old-man’  Dr Reid died about nine years ago after retiring voluntarily as Prime Minister but  made his mark as  an opponent of poverty and a proponent and exponent for self sufficiency,  fair-play, justice, honesty, transparency and genuine people’s development.  Perhaps we should all tweet something sweet on May 8th and send a message (140 characters or less) to the characters who occupy MAIN STREET to get with it or get out.       Continue reading

Granger rejects criticism of GECOM appointment

Granger defends the appointment of female commissioner, rejects criticism of GECOM appointment

Georgetown, Guyana: May 5th, 2012 — In an invited response to the AFC’s Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan, M.P., Leader of the Parliamentary Majority, Brig. David Granger pointed out that APNU’s nomination of Ms. Sandra Jones to be a GECOM commissioner was made on the basIs of “pure merit.” APNU’s partners jointly concluded that of the competing candidates, Ms. Jones was by far the best qualified candidate, with over 25 years experience in both the private and public sectors. Continue reading