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Shadow – I Wish



BY Ewalt Ainsworth                                 04 24 2012

While the Guyanese politicians are squabbling over an appropriate package and approval of a ten towels (US 50.00) pension for senior citizens; administrators for a homeless shelter in New York are looking to seek an amicable way of providing for a cat belonging to a Guyanese woman who is a “recurring decimal” and pays out US 250.00 or fifty towels a month to keep her cat in another shelter designated for cats only.  The GT binnie is also hopeful that the 30 per cent increase as argued by the APNU becomes retroactive to January so that she can make a quick dash and bring up her payout to take care of business in North America.

There was a time when folks migrated so that they can take care of their families back home.  Migrants are returning now at genip season, mango season, guava season, breadfruit season and when the back-pay becomes available and convert it to US so that they can take care of themselves.    Continue reading

Bank regulations – Balancing the books

Bank regulations – Balancing the books

Rules are hurting profits; but banks still have a lot of fat to cut

May 5th 2012 | from the Economist Magazine


 THE activists from Occupy Wall Street and Occupy London, having braved the winter cold in their huddled tents, re-emerged to march on banks in protest on May 1st. Instead, they might ask themselves a question: is it good that the big bad banks that rile them so are barely profitable?

In America banks are earning an average return on equity of about 8%, which is less than their cost of capital. The only consolation for American banks is that they are doing better than Europe’s, which have earned meagre returns of about 4-6% in most big countries. Given the riskiness of investing in banks, shareholders would have done better to deposit their cash in banks rather than buy their shares.   [more ]