Whenever something is shared, it does be sweeter and tastier and does last longer.  Try sharing a Buxton-spice or  sapodilla the next time you go to Parika, Lusignan, Charity  or Mahaica market cause in Georgetown, 200 years later, there is no fresh food; you might faster get a fresh cold in Georgetown because nothing is shared and nothing is gained in the capital city.  GT is getting worse than it may seem and unless there is compromise, is mo’ worries; catshit more than dog-piss.

Georgetown 200 years later needs an Agree-culture Minister.  Georgetown needs a he-de-she who can live in the city, dwell in the city, lime in the city and still look and feel pretty.  Every night after a certain hour, the people who can make things happen, do run from the dump and the street walkers, hustlers, men with two uzis strapped across their shoulders, does tek over.  This has nothing to do with race.  Next morning, Merriman passes by to pick up dead bodies and later they bill the Mayor’s office.   

GT needs an Agree-Minister.  An Agree minister who can get the fly-by-night entrepreneurs to pay their fair share of rates and taxes.  The Agree Minister must also be able to make sure business men ent thief light and get building permits to extend, expand and excrete whenever and wherever they want.

Georgetown needs a scrubbing.  It need traffic signs.  Georgetown needs traffic wardens who look like the people and talk like the people.  Georgetown has had enough of KFC and Subways.  The people want conkee and roti and philouree rather than imported Chinee food.  Cook food does make people look, feel and agree better.  That’s all in this 200th year of existence and subsistence.

Seriously though, there is a felt and immediate need in the Guyanese society for a serious operative, preferably at the ministerial level, to help the male population especially retrieve their identity and control of their families, fecundity and future.  The PPP government has a moral responsibility to create the environment and channel the energies, skills and intellect of the men into productive work rather than having them as mere spectators as the country devolves into nothingness.

The current government has failed miserably in more ways than one in preserving, protecting and promoting a certain level of agreement between and among, the races, families and villages. The divisions are sharp, deep and deliberate.

In North America, every supermarket as soon as you enter got a whole array of fruits and vegetables of all colors and descriptions; some cut, some squeezed and some still on the bunch or vine.  In Georgetown, you can’t find fresh food anymore.  The PPP disband all the Trading groups and ETB and give to their friends licenses to money launder and cover their drug deals.  Also the plenty colors, the riot of colors have all been limited.  The only time you see color in GT is when you look at mini-buses after an accident; you see blood.  That is not good enough.

Pretending the problem is not there is tantamount to a criminal offence and the faster there is action, the better things will be.  A czar to get the people to agree will bring about a certain calmness and collective boost to production and productivity in every sector and area of national development.

Guyana is a plural society.  It is extremely diverse and multicultural and yet still there is no deliberate, planned and sustained program after 44 years, to yield genuine development.

The ethnic and epic dimensions of the Guyanese people must also be examined.  The long and short of the position is that he or she must make the people agree.

Forty four years as an independent nation, has not brought the people together.  They are more divided now in spite of the idle chat about being independent and free.  There may be independence but no inner dependence.  By ourselves, we are bitter, bitchy, bewildered and blue and unless there is a deliberate and concerted effort to erase the faulty faults of the people, independence will be both illusive and elusive.

For too long the government has been protective of one sector or segment of the population and has deliberately criminalized another sector that it perceives and conceives is against them.  Guyana does not have a prefix in front of it.  Guyana is for all Guyanese and there must be a genuine display of sincerity, development and growth of all the people and not a selected few.    Pretending there is not a problem is worse than confronting the situation head on.  There is both hypocrisy and inequality in the society and the time is now to resolve these issues.

The smallest child knows right from wrong.  Even babies know right from wrong.  The story has been told of an ethnic family and the baby in arms, who could have barely said a few words, referring to his daddy as “uncle Blackman’.  The mother was petrified because she never had the conversation with the child but somehow he knew there were differences.

Too often the people whom we cultivate relationships with are scoundrels.  These are the same people who are cultivated into political and leadership positions and over time, there is disappointment, depression and divorce.  Divorce does not solve inherent problems   what we need is to have a culture in which we agree or better still, an agree culture.  Everyone must have equal access and consume the same goods and services at the same price, the same outlet and at the same time.

When you meet and talk with the people in their natural environment, too many of them feel bamboozled, cheated and robbed and not allowed to express their true feelings.  Guyana used to be such a nice place.  Plurality was the order of the day.  People had a shared heritage and a shared desire to integrate but today, 44 years after, there are ethnic enclaves.  Your political affiliation is determined by your diet and the type of rum you drink.  The dominant class consumes  DDL products while the visible minorities, drink BANKS products.

A certain amount of the conflict and confusion has been inherited.  Multilateral schools and cross cultural education is not universal and as a result, places of employment, recreation, worship and association are more often than not temporary and temperamental.  In other words, great incentives are not available to ensure a positive and continuous mix of the people, pleasures and people.

Again, there is a felt need for an official, preferably female, who can be a rabble rouser and at the same time, reach across the different barriers, real and perceived to bring the people together and not cuffuffle, condemn, confound and confuse them and in the process, create deep lines of division deceit and delusion.  ALL AGREED EH?


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