Mighty Chalkdust – Ah Fraid Karl


By Ewalt Ainsworth                                 04 30 2012

The PPP government and administration may not be wearing red T-shirts at the traditional Labour Day parade and perhaps may withhold sandwiches, roti and grenades from the workers because of the new and improved pruned budget.  It is the contract workers who will be the first on site and first to go home empty-handed potentially because of the budget cuts.  The PPP, as a disease and distress creating entity, is blaming everything on Carl.

Shop shut; is Carl.  Bus flat; is Carl.  Cock ent stand up; is Carl.  The PPP afraid of Carl Greenidge and the Joint Opposition budget team more than they afraid massacouraman.  Carl help them create a working budget that will put people back to work and give them a life certificate.  But they want to punish and see folks gravel in the ark and come crawling and begging while they wear khaki bow-ties.    

Today’s parade in town will be phony and scanty and lack gravitas.  The workers have heard President Ramotar, PM Hinds and earlier, Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh.  Their ambition is to have an environment of gloom and doom because they cannot have it their way; US or CHAOS. Over the last two decades, the PPP has wrecked all the unions and have diluted their relationship with all categories of workers.  The PPP today has no interest in working class ideas and ideals.  The entire cabinet, advisers, and inner circle live in gated communities with maids, gardeners, cooks, security, drivers, butlers and jagabats; one for all and one for one.  Today, Labour Day, they are merely going thru the motions and  showing their emotions for lack of faith and trust in Carl.

The Regions will be hectic.  Suddie does have it good.  Linden has a story to tell so too is New Amsterdam but in Georgetown, the PPP afraid Carl.  The PPP will be happiest if it rains on their parade.  The parade in town will be President Ramotar whining and grinding his teeth and crying foul and making himself feel as if he is the victim of a broadside when the opposite is true.  The President will be talking from both sides of his mouth propogating the gospel of fairness, justice, equity and equality in GT and the very next day, the workers he so fiercely claim to represent, may be out of a job.

The Parade Ground will be too small and National Park will have to absorb the vile, vitriol and vices of the laboring PPP.  Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh declared on the eve of Labour Day that some workers “will have to go” and further expressed that he was afraid of APNU’s Carl Greenidge.  The Doctor said that he has no faith in the Joint Opposition even though they have intimated that they will be prepared to support a supplementary budget if prepared and presented in a timely manner.  Would you believe that they still afraid Carl eh?

The Joint Opposition late last week shaved off approximately 22 billion towels from the PPP presented 192 billion towels budget.  No sooner this happened; Prime Minister Sam Hinds declared that the Opposition had resorted to political “bullyism”.

This new day, this Labour Day when the world is rallying to stimulate global employment, Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh, is both verbal and vocal and visualizes further cuts to the GT unemployment situation.

It is only about 40 per cent of the employable work force that is employed.  The PPP has emerged as a disease and distress entity as it suffocates, punishes and parades contract workers.  The PPP dissuades employees from seeking permanent position berceuse if they do, they can unite under the banner of the Public Service Union and Nurses Association or Mine Workers Union or any of the other affiliated unions in Guyana.

The PPP has been frontloading workers by offering higher than normal pay without benefits and tenure and using this vulnerable sector of people and rent crowds to suit their own peculiar needs.

Shadow Finance Minister Carl Greenidge, more experienced, wiser, better qualified and respected in international circles, has been able to make rings and reshape the 2012 PPP budget as a life certificate for the vulnerable population.

Even the PPP executives will have to sneak back to work because in the past season, the Jagdeo dictatorship was never challenged.  This Labor Day, for the first time, they have to explain and justify every penny and this has put them in a bad way.  They afraid Carl.

Carl cut out all the fat and put everyday people back to work.  A side effect of that is they too will have to work if they want to get fat and drive the BEAMERS and ski in the Swiss Alps.  Jagdeo, Ramotar, Hinds, Singh, Jennifer Flowers  – none of them understand the concept of “eating lil bit and live long”  Is not Carl really they frighten but it is his concepts.


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