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By EWALT AINSWORTH                  04 28 2012

The 2012 budget has passed muster; joy is in tandem and the working class will be given a life certificate and an assurance that the corruption, bamboozling, skullduggery, thievery, deception and oppression has ended.  The Party is over.  Shared governance has begun to bear fruit and the PPP cannot handle it.  They cannot sleep, they cannot eat, they cannot rest; the people have been issued a long awaited life certificate. Commonsense has trumped corruption.

The ‘one-man-pappy-show’ as crafted by the duo, Ramotar and Jagdeo has come to a screeching halt.  They too will have a new life certificate; the old ways of exploitation and condemnation are no longer relevant and applicable. They can’t handle it.           

President Ramotar has taken to the TV stations and airwaves to rant and rave and expose both his vulnerability to failure and his monogamous relationship to deceit.
Shepherds may come and go but sheep will remain sheep; the people have gotten a new life certificate.

Guyanese are very patient and have allowed the duo to run over them and trip over themselves. The paint ent even dry yet and they start  whining, cussing and threatening to withhold salaries and put out to pasture those who are not conforming to their evil and wicked ways. A new dawn is breaking and the joint opposition, in concert with the people, will be keeping the pressure on.  ASOLMELYKAM.

Both Presidents Ramotar and Jagdeo and all the activists in the upper echelons in the society were having a gay time, drinking, sporting, womanizing and making frequent trips to East Asia.  That is now past tense.  They will now have to find meaningful work and produce or perish.  There are now new rules of engagement and every activist will have to have a life certificate.  The PPP has proven itself as a disease causing entity plunging entire communities, families and ethnic groups into poverty.

For the first time in the 20-year history of the PPP the Executive Presidents, Prime Minister and entire cabinet and all the others who suppressed, distressed, obsessed,  repressed  and stressed the Guyanese people as a deliberate policy to keep them powerless while they wielded  more power, will have to sneak back to work and find creative ways and means to retro-fit the nation and lift the sinking ship as a result of the joint opposition being able to craft a budget that is forward looking, progressive, plural and without fat.  The joint opposition has been able to shave off approximately 22 billion dollars from pet projects especially near and dear to the heart of Presidents Jagdeo and Ramotar.  The party is over literally and metaphorically.

Over the two decades of heavy-handed rule by the PPP, some citizens have buckled under pressure because of the constant and deliberate stress meted out to Linden and New Amsterdam particularly.  Stress is a disease causing entity and the PPP has deliberately found new and creative ways to pressure these communities, literally run them out of town and make them crawl like side-line puppies to get crumbs from the table.

New Amsterdam, like Linden, used to be a bustling town.  You cannot get crush ice or cold bottled water anymore in this town.  Jagdeo built a bridge linking Cotton Tree with Canje and simultaneously cut the lights and made the fares/tolls prohibitive.  The GW Bridge and Verrazano bridges are the only bridges in the world more expensive than the Berbice Bridge.  In New York it is US$12.00 and in Berbice it is US$11.00 or G$2,200.

The public service and GuySuCo, the main employers in the region, pay approximately G80.00 to G100.00 an hour before tax.  The average person has to work three days or three eight hour shifts before he or she can drive a car over the bridge.  AS0MELYKAM.  This act has deprived education to the entire West Berbice (Region Five) and East Berbice (Region Six).  It has also destroyed families, the taxi industry, the village markets in Blairmont and New Amsterdam (NA), and black folks from Ithaca who hang out in NA, have been put in their place.  Cross river trade two years after is almost non-existent.

As part of the budget discussions, the PPP also wants Linden folks to pay increased tariffs for electricity when in other climes, other neighborhoods like Bath Settlement and Lusignan and Leonora, GPL meter readers have to be accompanied by police.    House sizes have increased from 400 square feet to 8,000 square feet; every room has a television, an average of ten wall units plus a myriad of electronic devices that pull current all day long even though they are not in use.  These include computers, laptops, cell phones, micro wave, kettles, hair dryers, security systems, alarm clocks and stoves.  Linden has refused to pay now and or then in spite of PM Hinds making a half-and-half outreach.

But the people did not riot and they did not loot.  This experience has made them both stronger and with this new and adjusted budget, the resilience of the p0eople will shine thru.

These stalled projects include the ONE LAPTOP FOR FAMILY and the CARBON FOOTPRINTS project under supervision of the World Bank in cooperation with the Dutch Government.

Resilience is the key as the opposition majority of one, shredded the ambitious programs tabled by Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh.  Prime Minister Sam Hinds since the passing of the adjusted budget on Thursday night, has reverted to cussing out the opposition team; Sam Hinds has referred to the APNU and AFC as “political bullyism.”  The Guyanese people will not be surprised if more names and labels are attached to the opposition groups because for the first time in their existence, they will have to do more with less.

The PPP since 1992 has been corralling citizens and entire communities into poverty as part of a deliberate plan to render them toothless and delete their dignity.  Linden, New Amsterdam, Buxton and Victoria have all been invaded and infected by the ram-rod PPP.  Their citizens have been shot in the back, electricity has been denied, the roads have been neglected, health facilities have been shuttered and school personnel and equipment have been curtailed.  Certain cultural events and celebrations such as Mashramani, Guyfesta, Parish , Masquerade bands and Agriculture fairs, have been disbanded.  National Service, Guyana People’s Militia, Guyana Rice Board, AGRI BANK, GBC, GPC,  GUYSUCO OTHER CROPS, MOBLISSA dairy farms, Ebini Farms, SURAPANNA farms, Buytenabu farms, GAC, GPL and a whole host of other organizations that were created to ensure employment and activity for Guyanese across the board, were dissolved.

The only organizations retained were those that the PPP could rape and run rough shod over without accountability like NIS and the GUYANA GOLD BOARD.  Everything else was axed.

This week the APNU/AFC opposition was able to table arguments, reshape and remold the 2012 budget in such a way that everyday people like old age pensioners, get increases in their emolument so that they can do some little things for themselves.  The money was increased from approximately seven towels to ten towels.

Too many people have cowered under pressure and have turned to opiates like drugs, religion, cars, alcohol, same sex relationships and thievery.  Guyana has more people living abroad and in every nation and country conceivable, Guyana has faltered from a fledgling republic to a low and lower class society worse than Haiti in the hemisphere.  With this new budget, that longing, that craning for tolerance and finding a place at home, is but a short step but a continuous journey to right side and upside the moral and spiritual fibre of the society.

The Jennifer Flowers and Robeson Benn types in the Cabinet will have to roll up their sleeves and find work to do.  Dr Ashni Singh, has already threatened to resign but where will he or can he go?  Many leaders and executive members of the party have visas that have been revoked and or simply denied, that it boggles the mind.  A recent report is also suggesting that snap elections may be hustled for later this year and Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee has submitted his name but it was dashed out.

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