Chalkdust – Hymns my parents sang



By Ewalt Ainsworth               04 22 2012

Over the last weekend the ‘regulars of Ottawa’ (RoW GROUP) had a slight lime, biscuit and tea, dry food and mauby, rum and conkee, and carambola salt fish and bake  with other  finger foods was served.  The lime was in remembrance of  the untimely departure of one of their own Mr. Dennis Humphrey.  And in typical GT style, songs of faith and hope and a dash of sarcasm made the all night vigil more than what was originally budgeted and planned.   

Dennis had some adhesive qualities and was an addict of and for love.  He was a mentor, friend and volunteer in several spheres.  He knew politics and knew his community of birth and subsistence equally well.   He died in March but may live eternally between and among those he cherished most. Dennis also had kind words and a great relationship among the girls and youths he loved before.

The socio-economic conditions of the land that gave them birth were high on the agenda both formally and informally.  The GT folks were loud and forceful in declaring the way they felt about how the country was going.  No communiqué was issued at day-clean but the mere mutterings and utterings would force any onlooker to gargle.  Boat gone a falls; he cant turn back now.

Thoughts of Guyana and the current report cards seem disappointing.  The informal group is also disappointed that their main contact person in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, was dejected, ejected, rejected and subjected to some form of abuse by the PPP High Commissioner.  They did not plan to withhold their cooperation but the body of confidence, camaraderie, charity and cooperation is at risk.

Initial reports out of Ottawa, Canada also suggested that the ‘Boxhill-swari’ was to observe 40 days and 40 nights since the death of popular soccer star and ambassador-at-large Dennis Humphrey.   Some are suggesting that the folk song ME-NA-DEAD-YET FLY-A-FOLLOW ME is both apt and descriptive of things in the pipeline and feel that both Prime Minister Sam Hinds and Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon need to become stronger activist reps rather than being decorations in the PPP government.  There is quite a sizeable immigrant community of Lindeners in Ottawa and suburbs.  They are nuff-nuff and are quite ready to create a ruckus, if things do not sound kosher.

The dismissal of Ms Barbara Campbell is a blow below the belt.  She has since moved from Ottawa and has relocated in Toronto.  Her husband, former Information Minister and Ambassador to Cuba in the Burnham administration, Frank Ulric Campbell, has also moved with the family to new digs.  Their faith is now renewed.

It is only now I am hearing for the first time, that last year when Commish Greene was hospitalized; even the radio stations were playing this fond GT ditty.  Perhaps it may be a good thing to play the re-mix in version extolling that ME-NA-DEAD-CROW-A-PICK-ME-EYE in direct reference to the folks in Linden questioning their vitality, verve and viscosity of Prime Minister Hinds.  His attempts to bamboozle them and lay the blame at the feet of the APNU’s Granger, is not sitting well at all there, or here.

It should be noted without delay that Guyanese in the diaspora are fiercer and focused than in any other public.  Another little ditty that was being chanted at the late night basement swari was:  A OTTAWA ME BIN   BUT A GUYANA MI COME FROM.  A number of hymns, poetry, flo-etry, little speeches about the good and challenging times they had in the early days and how some folks because of that sense of loyalty and their ability to multi-task and break the rules, were able to survive the bitter Ottawa cold.  All of this was in direct reference for the man who brought all of them together, Dennis Humphrey.

Now is spring time and the birds that headed south to avoid the winter plus those who went to GT for Easter are coming back and everybody has a totally different perspective about how the country is doing.  The one thing that makes all the comrades seem and look alike is that they all think that they are different from each other and more authoritative than the other in making judgments about the decline.  The downward spiral is fuelled by mediocrity, avarice and greed.  A bowjhee at that event mek a joke and say that when you Google “Guyana” and put in the keyword “sufferer” you get Prime Minister Sam Hinds trying to quell his Linden constituency.

Ottawa has a very high concentration of folks who have had a long and intimate relationship with the bauxite industry.  They can all tell you when they migrated that within a week of their arrival in Canada they were able to get jobs because of the character and caliber of workers GUYMINE produced.  All of that has changed, compliments of the PPP.

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