“Boots” –  by the Mighty Gabby of Barbados


RADIO KAYAMABAY RED ALERT                04 23 2012


When you live in the rolling savannahs of the Rupununi and certain upper reaches of the majestic Cuyuni and Mazaruni rivers there is very little electronic and technological communication between and among locals.  But yet still they see and hear and know almost instantaneously every noggin of gossip and every nugget of bamboozling that takes place officially and unofficially.

Trust is key, and in some homes, families have certain birds or animals, and if anything bad is to befall them the bird or the animal takes the rap.   That is a signal for them to know if you are accepted in the community.    

Passing gas near to an indigenous man is tantamount to a crime.  He will not accept you in his inner circle or family.  You know who I am talking about right?

It may be noted that many ex-colonial countries that have seen racial strife and terrorism, have a very high incidence of East Indians. For instance, South Africa, Fiji, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Trinidad for example, always have social and racial unrest.  In Guyana, police stations are sited in East Indian neighborhoods so that they can be there at the drop of a pin.  Recently, an administrative decision has been made to put up floating outposts in certain hinterland locations because of the influx of East Indians.  They simply know how not to get along well with others and humble themselves.    Old people used to talk about where horse go jackass does go too.  These concepts they do not understand and will bring down entire nations in their zeal and zest to be perfectly imperfect.

Indigenous folks do not need cell phones and ipods to stay in touch.  They look at the birds, bees, snakes, trees and get their cues to take evasive action especially when it has to do with their livelihood and lifestyles.  These folks are exceptionally courageous and live on basic stuff that they produce with their own hands.  There is no exploitation between and among them and there are very high standards of equity and equality.  Every bark of a dog has a meaning; every type of fly or color of a snake has a meaning.  When you live in a community, you know the levels he or she can rise to based on the communal experience and indoctrination.  Homes in Guyana have moved from 400 square feet to 80,000square feet.  Houses in town and country with three bedrooms were considered rich…one for the parents, one for the boys and the other for the girls.  Cooking was done in the cowmouth and everybody had a job or a chore at least.  The PPP has made it possible for a selected few to have more bedrooms than residents, no mortgages, no jobs, ex without consent and visas to any port of call.

We used to be encouraged in school about reaching for the stars and the only known, tested and proven way to enhance your station in life was to become a PPP….a police, a priest or a politician.  The duo of Jagdeo and Ramotar has turned the system upside down and back to the front.  Policemen, priests and politicians are the least trusted and respected between and among us all; they have become perfectly imperfect.    How come we have permitted the PPP to run rough shod and convert corruption into the national game instead of cricket?

A dark cloud seems to be gathering overhead.   In North America over the last decade three significant icons died: Bob Hope, Johnny Cash and more recently Steve Jobs.  And so America is left almost bereft of cash, hope and jobs.  Guyana has so many natural resources but with a little communication, a little ya-me-ya-you can bring about change.  But nope!  The PPP finds it exciting, endearing and exploitative to do it by themselves and for themselves.  That era is ending and they cannot believe it is not butter.  They are spoiling for a conflagration.

Folklore has it that when something happens say in Kamarang the next of kin or officials in Mahdia would hear before a pigeon can fly across the forests.  The Kayambay tree which is visible in all these areas, have a way of communicating and touching each other in a certain way and give off certain vibrations that the local indigenous people can hear and interpret.  The message of the day is conflict is brewing and the PPP will not stop unless Vreed-en- Hoop is visible from Chateau Margot.

Hinterland residents also know too that when dark clouds are gathering they do not have to wait for a red alert or the ringing of the church bell; every boy and girl knows where to go and how to protect his or herself from the expected ‘wash-the-bush.’

Almost 20 years of PPP misrule has brought Guyana to a very critical junction.  The PPP has been sending out certain vibrations and a certain coded message that suggests a return to the desperate and dastardly days of struggle.  It has never really disappeared but it was subtle and covert.  Radio Kayambay is operating a 24-hour schedule and telling those who have ears to hear and eyes to see that there is trouble brewing.  Linden may be a more visible example; none shall escape.

Howard Stern, one of the more popular disc jockeys and radio personalities in North America, for eons, has refused and continues to refuse to carry inserts and weather related forecasts because he feels that each of his listeners over the years, has been able to read the tea leaves and know when the clouds are gathering.  To be caught in the weather, more often than not, is a personal choice.

Before all the technology and ultra sound and MRIs, local folks used to be able to pronounce and announce delivery date, gender and health of babies without the aid of any technology.    In some Amerindian communities, when a baby is born, the mothers within 48 hours takes the child and submerges it in the river; if the child floats face upwards, it is retrieved and nourished.  If the child floats face downwards, it is aborted and allowed to float down river and be consumed by the massacouraman.

Massacouraman is a bad jumbie and always hungry and looking for blood.  The PPP is looking for blood.

Let us look at who takes what jobs.   From a psychological point of view, people who take jobs as accountants and auditors are not people pleasers.  They prefer to shackle themselves to a dark room and spend long days and nights by themselves playing around with figures and manipulating people’s lives in such a way that they do worse than when they begun.

Both Presidents Jagdeo and Ramotar have professional qualifications and experience dealing with finances.  The Finance Minister is a garden variety accountant.  Combine these experiences with the coaching and chucks they are getting from Mumbai and other parts of India; China to a lesser extent.

This writer makes it a point of duty to hangout in the Diaspora, especially at the airports, to see the amount of broken people in wheel chairs and others ushered into ambulances as landed medical refugees.  I know folks who run businesses trafficking Chinese food from Guyana.  I used to think back home that cooking from scratch used to be a wonderful experience.  You have guests, you kill the fatted fowl cock or sheep and bunjaal it.  I have seen friends and family buy both wet and dry ALPRO and ship it home in barrels for the dogs.  And if this is growth and development, leave me out.

The days of having an obedient and subservient Prime Minister is not applicable to GT especially because of the rogue content of the PPP.

A new batch of techno-geeks is over riding and emerging and the ambitious plans of the PPP to have their own way will be short lived.  It is never too late to avoid a conflict.  The will of the people is to rise above it all and peacefully coexist on a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, plural and cross cultural level.

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