Chalkdust – The Manifesto


By EWALT AINSWORTH                     04 21 2012

The first and only time Prime Minister Sam Hinds had to openly stand up and or stand for anything he messed up.  Sam Hinds has misinformed the masses and has left a bitter taste in the mouth of the comrades in Region 10.  The PM has bamboozled the comrades in Linden and may very well put his own bumbling and fumbling self in harm’s way.  Pressure is building and a chuck may become essential because the folks in Linden are adamant; they are not paying any increases in tariffs now or then.

APNU’s Granger too was never part of the scheme to increase tariffs as alluded to by cunning Finance Minister Ashmi Singh in the 2012 budget and tabled by the Prime Minister.  Some say that Hinds has earned himself the title of persona non grata in his base community and he may very well “get a chuck like Commish Greene and go his merry way.  Mr. Greene bowed to pressure and President Donald Ramotar was happy to see him man-up to his indiscretions.  

This writer spoke with a Mr. John Lewis, popular boat captain between Wismar and what is known as Mc Kenzie and in his usual monotones said “Linden is about power; not soft power.  Electricity cannot be stored and we over produce it here and is they (meaning other communities) want it and is they who should pay more not we. “Mr. Lewis insinuated that “Linden is about power” and swore with every beat of his heart that no one in the community will accede to paying increased tariffs in the foreseeable future. Mr. Lewis originally from that Dutchfour/Anns Grove ethnic enclave and is known to most as Ashton.

Prime Minister Hinds has been trying to bamboozle all the affected publics by claiming APNU was in on a scheme to implement a half-and-half program of light bills and for an incremental increase.  No such program was agreed to by Granger and so all discussions are off the table about tariffs for another two years.  Sam Hinds deserves a chuck up and out the door.

Mr. Hinds has been disappointedly slow and has always been offering functional non-cooperation when dealing with issues affecting Linden specifically and black people generally.  A senior official functionary from LEN in an invited comment said “what they give he – Sam Blind – fuh rub he tek an eat.”  I did not say that I am merely a conduit.  What I am hearing too is that before the APNU sits again to discuss tariffs, the Prime Minister may be forced out of office for underperforming and underperformance.  Translation: a chuck.

This may also be a good time for Dr Roger Luncheon to step out because Lindeners feel that “the negroes who are supposed to say something fuh wee ent saying nutten (nothing) what is the point having them there rounding up they mouth and poor people suffering?”

Bamboozling, lies, promises, sophisticated schemes and revenge plots seem to be the pathology and psychology attached to the upper echelons of the PPP.  One prominent citizen and former Region 10 Chairman, Mortimer Mingo in an invited comment on Friday evening, said that he had deferred all narratives to the PRO for the region.  He did name the person but I was more concerned about hearing him expand a little about his farm and other endeavors in the region.

One of the things I do know about Region 10 is that the PPP has killed the fledgling resettlement and cattle ranching program along the highway.  Most successful farms in the region are closer to the Laluni creek which has a richer soil content.  Farms near the road, are sandy and hard and have to depend too much on overhead irrigation.  Bringing water from the river to the highway farms is not cost effective.  The lands are marginal and the pangola grasses that are suitable for the highway, is not accommodating for grazing.

Linden cannot sustain itself food wise.  Another problem they talk about in whispers is that a number of executives…coordinators, superintendents and such like, use the equipment of the bauxite company to plough, irrigate and market their produce and still turn back and charge market prices for farmer’s produce.  Fetching greens and vegetables from Crabwood Creek and Mibicuri is just as expensive and the Lindeners want Sam Hinds and Luncheon to know these things but they are not prepared to sit and share a blunt with them.  The increased costs of electricity is like another stab in the back; a lowering of the coffin of darkness,  distress and destruction.  The familiar tempo and tenor of interviews is that Prime Minister Hinds should go; perhaps a chuck will do.

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