By EWALT AINSWORTH                                                                  04 19 2012

Linden’s problems of electricity and media access are but a small itsy-bitsy part of the deeper and wider problem.  The PPP has to stop making promises and be prepared to be embedded with the community at risk.  Linden is multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, diverse, plural and conscientious; a mining community is a terrible thing to waste. A complete generation has struggled to understand how one sect can abort another sect because of appearance.  Linden is an essential part of Guyana and the collateral damage is wearing down and depressing a people who in other times were loved and rewarded for what they do best: produce and prosper.

Arm-chair decisions and remote controlled promises will not buttress the myriad of issues facing the community unless all the parties concerned meet together under one roof over a protracted period and engage in constructive, productive and mutually agreed commitments to bulldoze, evacuate and eradicate some of the stumbling blocks.    “Jobs for the natives”, is job one and everything else is meche-meche (ancillary).

Linden is about deliberate neglect; Buxtonians and Berbecians being left out in the pasture because of their ethnicity and appearance.  Prime Minister Sam Hinds may give you the appearance he is from Linden; be informed that his roots are in Mahaicony and so that gives rise to cross-cultural approaches to resolving the problems.

Linden is not your traditional homogenous society.  There are black folks from Dartmouth; there are black folks from Wales; there are black folks from Victoria and Hopetown and Canje and Alness and a sprinkling of others from Skeldon.

  1. And then there is the ethnic mix of folks who did not make it in the diamond fields from Anns Grove and Mahaica plus the folks who are native to the communities from Kumaka and Little England.  All these communities and many more are all tribes and publics with peculiar behaviors who have are bright, skilled, and hard working but are neglected.  There is no quick fix unless the politicians are prepared to be embedded and hammer out solutions.
  2. Mingo is not from Linden and so too is Lewis.  When you consider the way they rationalize things, they first take care of their own.  Who is their own?  Is it adopted, original, temporary, ethnic, religious or causative? Cutting the light bill in half or giving somebody a license to run a television station is a mild form of bamboozling.
  3. Lindeners have to sustain dust storms on a 24-hour basis.  Linden should have an injection of small and sustainable businesses.  The road was promised them to Lethem and has been taken away.  Linden has more homeless people than it has teachers in the school.  The Mc Kenzie car park is teeming with mendicants and there is no attempt to provide some organized shelter and feeding center for these folks.  These are the visible and prominent problems.
  4. Linden too should benefit from the volume of lumber, gold and other minerals that are transshipped from the area.  A lick and a promise makes a good newspaper and or television script but the reality is that the people are unfairly targeted to pay higher tariffs.  Any fool can see that and for some reason all that the PPP is prepared to do at this juncture is saturate the community with boogaloos when in actuality it should be about cross cultural solutions.
  5. It was Linden that gave Guyana its Mashramani identity…celebration after a co-operative effort.  Again, the folks in the riverain community are treated like illegal aliens; they pass for grass because of their associations and endearment to black folks.  Someone must be listening now and perhaps should be embedded as we speak to hasten and rejuvenate the community.  If the name of the community is a problem, say so and let us call it Kumakastan or  Amelia Wadstan or some other stan but do not play bo-peep with tribes and scribes.  Amen.

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