By  EWALT AINSWORTH                                      04 18 2012

Overnight I have been contemplating what we call in Guyanese parlance a ‘chuck’.  A chuck is a wonderful thing especially when you dealing with own way, hard ears and racial appearance exponents and proponents.  Just these last few minutes, the APNU chuck the PPP into action and was able to get them to increase the amount of money old age pensioners will get across the board.  The money may even be paid out earlier than expected and should honestly be made retroactive to January.  Old people should not be held at ransom because of their appearance and attendance at the polls.  Dr Ashni Singh is wrong in withholding a generous hand and still has a lot of undoing to do and avoid another chuck or two.         

At the time of writing, the extent of the package of increased benefits was not known but the method was certain; a chuck.  A chuck may also become necessary for the Commissioner of Police to go and if this action becomes necessary, imminent and vital, whoever does the chucking might as well lay it on guess who?  (Call name and I would whistle).

This pre-emptive strike by the PPP and the Public Servants is a charade.  It is the chuck…not a physical thing but an argument based on facts and steeped in an uncommon wisdom coming from the joint opposition that has made all the difference and differences.  The contractors should be aware at this junction because the chuckers are chucking it rude when the debate continues to right size and down size your respective packages.  Talk half, leff half.

It is a known and established business principle to pay contract workers more than you pay accredited and Public Service employees.  In most human resource arenas, this activity is referred to as front loading; the new person coming in to the department or organization, gets twice more in terms of take home pay but gets diddly-squat in terms of benefits like pensions, paid leave , family leave and other honorarium emoluments.

Guyana is devolving and racial appearances is the order of the day, the soup of the day that and the protest of the day that will hasten the descendency of the PPP into a bottomless pit and from which they will never recover.

Margaret Thatcher  made an observation some years ago when she was British Prime Minister: “

“Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country.”        – Margaret Thatcher

The women of Guyana have had front row seats in the arena in which the PPP displaced and dispelled black men.  I will not say what my core thoughts are but simply to suggest that what goes around comes around;  racial appearances is the protest of the day.  We salute you AFC.

The PPP in an effort to destabilize its detractors and bring in manikarams, un-trained hands and pay them above and over their qualifications, experience and expertise and traditional black counterparts, has privatized the public service.   All the places that used to court and promote black folks…National Service, Guymine, Guysuco, GNEC, GBC and you can count on your teeth, your toes and fingers the rest of them, have been put to rest. The PPP has cherry picked certain token blacks and have elevated them to certain visible positions and give them a feel-good-feeling when in actuality the  JENNIFER-FLOWERS contractors are raking and scraping in top dollars.

There is no intent or intention to tax these higher paid contractors and so a class system is being constructed and simultaneously folks in ethnic communities like Linden are called on to pay higher rates and taxes for basic and essential services.  It costs more to travel from Georgetown to Linden than it is from Georgetown to Crabwood Creek.  Bora costs more in Linden than it costs in Bartica or Lethem.  The Linden highway is now a trail and more accidents occur there than in any other part of the country.  I also know personally of folks who were laid off in Kwakwani, migrated to Linden and had to travel everyday back and forth.  Recently my family had to make arrangements for them to settle in Victoria so that they can keep their sanity and their jobs.  I should also mention too that since coming to Victoria, they have been able to bring to the community certain skills and have also moved on to become home owners.  (Ent that nice eh?)

Everybody in GT knows a black person who was shot in his back merely for his appearance.  Every person in Guyana has an immediate black family, neighbor or friend who is unemployed.  The Linden car park arena has the most street dwellers, bats and batahaas.  None of these things happened by accident.  They were incrementally done over a sustained period.  Both Jagdeo and Ramotar are peas in the same pod and nothing positive will proliferate and or bear fruit. ‘Enough is enough, is enough’.

The AFC is acting within its core values, scope, vision and mission to thwart the efforts of the PPP government to bring in diluted labor when black people, simply because of their appearance, are taxed, hacked and sacked at higher rates than any other public or ethnic group in Guyana.

The PPP simply cannot cope; the PPP is racially motivated and is bringing back into the Guyanese dialect, apan-jat.

Case in point…..  Two mature Guyanese men struck up a quick talking relationship in line as they attempted to board an aircraft for North America.  Both were dark skinned.  One of them wore a tope and had a few strands of hair to suggest he was Rastafarian.  His friend was black, clean shaven, had on a business suit and had visited the country as a techno-geek, compliments of the Government.  Guess who was pulled for questioning by the contract staff at the airport?  You are right in saying the black Guy.

This same black guy once he arrived here in North America, further related that he had a dalliance with an Indian girlfriend too.  While in the hotel, they both got busy and on a preliminary basis, they had face-to-face sex.  The next time they got together, they experimented on a side-to-side encounter and prior to his departure, he encouraged her to climb on top of him.  Whilst on that perch, in GT parlance, she did not wine.  He questioned the behavior as dysfunctional and non-cooperative.  Her retort was “we pon top; we don’t have to wine.”

Guyana is now racially divided worst than it was 50 years ago.  Mr. Ramotar is just as terrible as Mr. Jagdeo is and there is no effort, no strategy in sight and or contemplated to make things better.  Racial appearance is everything and the Robeson Benns,  Jennifer Flowers and Lumumbas in the packs, will not be able to stem the flow of disdain, dislike, disruptions and delusions as Guyana devolves into a hotbed of racial strife and further suffocations.  Amen.


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