Signs of the End of Times – Sugar Aloes


By EWALT AINSWORTH                                  04 16 2012

Recently this writer had informal discussions with a former GT cop and now an employee with the New York transit and before I coulda ask a particular question relating to the Commissioner of Police Henry Greene  and his plans to stay on the job.  I also rolled into the question, Greene’s plans to milk and bilk the system, refusing to step down and disappear like a cherry-blossom.  My friend and countryman referred to the top-cop as a “coolie bully; can you imagine a Burnham or a Dr Ptolemy Reid and he trying that stupidness but how he not leaving eh…they would a chuck he so hard that he woulda fall down.”

This duo governenment of both Jagdeo and Ramotar soft so till…  Country people have a thing that they does say in times like these HALF-A-YAM DON’T CARE FUH SHOVEL.  Mr. Green has done both a visual and psychological appraisal of all his superiors, real and perceived and none of them can stand up to him.  He is a bully in every sense of the word and seems to be playing for time to allow CID boss, Persaud, to ascend to power.  Greene is from a grandma quilt and fears that if Acting Commissioner,  Mr. Brummel takes the helm,, there would be a change in policy and not a continuity of his bad boy psycho-illogical attitudes.  The sharia law that the PPP is hoping to implement, will be departed from.  Mr. Greene seems to accommodate and embrace sharia laws.

Mr. Brummel is quickly running in to that age-balloon and has the option of stepping down which from all indications and accounts, seems imminent.  But that is no reason for Mr. Greene to stay on; stay on and do what?  Nobody was born to be just one thing.  You have been preaching a gospel of faith and hope and now that it is your turn to practice what you preach, you are having a problem eh?   Scores of jobs abound in the city council or in the mining community.  Much more than that- you are a lawyer.  You can even become a TV analyst; there are many more like you with the same passion and avarice but it is just a matter of time before the cat is let out the bag.  Who better to offer a word of advice eh?   Under sharia law, men who rape women are forced to marry them.  If that is so, perhaps Mr. Greene you can let us know so that we can all brush up our tuxedos.

But on a serious note, Mr. Greene identifies himself with his job and cannot see or imagine himself in retirement or in another position.  Mr. Greene is not a man of faith and so we would have to look a bit further and ask what could have happened to Mr. Greene at age 12 that he is still playing out and having great difficulty in controlling his emotional and physical self.  I would shudder to think that he is doing to other people what was done to him perhaps when he was 12 years old.

Some folks that he went to QC with remember his as a boy liking religious knowledge.  Some also recall him living with a grandmother.  These things may seem insignificant but unless some folks have a certain inner strength, certain fortitude and a hunger to grow wiser, the incidence of coming into contact with such persons becomes significantly greater especially when their political leadership lacks teeth.  I almost said is locked into to skullduggery but I would reserve further comments until another time.  Greene should just go.


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