Terry Gajraj –  “Roses are Red my Love”


RUWA WITH SURWA                     

By EWALT AINSWORTH                         04 14 2012

As the weather warms up on the East Coast in North America and noticeably less balmy, a handful of comrades who made the pilgrimage to the pasture to observe  lent and celebrate Easter have come back with a few interesting observations in the land that gave them birth, Guyana.  Most interesting is the behavior they refer to as ‘road ugly.’  And that is women who drive themselves and own cars and their reluctance and hesitancy to be cordial, responsive, responsible and just be nice.  A woman who just come up for the first time on vacation said “is nice to be nice when you not nice” and concurred that there is a new thing in GT among women especially and it is called “road ugly with attitude.” RUWA fuh short.                

Rewind and come again.  The major observation is that  when a comparative study is done between men and women, irrespective of ethnic persuasion or other visible identifying marks, women who drive in GT, grab the wheels fiercely with their noses almost protruding the front window.  The seat belt is no restraint and they simply have an attitude as if to say DO NOT DISTURB; ALREADY DISTRUBED and have all their windows closed tight tight tight…no breeze can come in. GTs also have an extra cushion to elevate and accommodate their vision and visibility and a short temper irrespective of the source or origin of the person trying to communicate with them.  RUWA with SURWA (sauce).

GT men on the other hand, who drive and own cars, lay their seats back, have the hand rest in a downward position, flashing their lights at new faces and new signature plates, play music off of their i-pods and generally observe and communicate with fellow motorists in a friendly way even though they drive faster and do not wait or tolerate the counting/blinking lights.

GT women are not adjusting well to the new responsibility and response ability in driving.  And this is impacting on them in several ways.  RUWA is a serious thing.  The women not stopping at road blocks, they not stopping at traffic lights, they not stopping after accidents but on the phone to their sponsors and mac-daddies  who have elevated and prominent positions.  Children especially and their families, relationships and performance on the job is suffering equally and tremendously.  Women with cars have become a privileged and protected species and so why come with attitude too?  There is no scientific metric available but sometimes these old-heads and OGs (original gangsters) may have a point or two.

Women too who have jobs and where their employers offer parking spaces, park their cars facing outwards.  This way, they either plan to leave work early and avoid the normal rush or perhaps they have difficulties “backing the dam thing up” and out.

Hewburns was filling in the blank among others and told of a case where his girlfriend tried to K-park outside of a night club.  It took her hours to get it right as a matter of fact he had to come out of the car and literally walk her through the entire exercise shoving his hand through the driving window and turning the wheel appropriately as needed.  He concluded that mathematics and the ability to scan and measure distance, is a problem in the yard.

I should tell you too that Hewburns is an old-police from yard and still walks around with his ID badge and is hopelessly addicted to things traffic and moral.  He pulls up at CHOKE (Bladen Hall) and tells his girlfriend that the car ahead of him is stolen.  She looked at him with that look as if he was out of his head because even though she too is a cop, she did not see anything suspicious or unusual about the car.  What he saw was the back license plate had mosquitoes and Hewburns hopped out of his car and approached the other woman driving the other car.  He tried to attract her attention by hitting the passenger side front door gently and trying to indicate his curiosity by waving his ID and to indicate to her to wind down her windows.  To be honest, if he was standing in front of the car, by this time it would have been slow walking and loud singing.  The woman took off and once again he was able to prove to his girlfriend that he is never wrong and perhaps he should be recalled for service in the force.

On a slightly different but related note, the discussion changed to the low wages and added responsibilities and responsibilities of cops.  In a word, his girlfriend described it as “terrible.”

She explained that as a woman first, a driver, second, and a cop third, she does not stop at traffic lights or submit to road blocks.  She explained that “as a woman you don’t trust nobody and I don’t want nobody trust me; not in GT.  Is dog eat dog and half a dem road block you see is police hustling to mek a lil raise; who is to tell them that they can’t thief too?”

That last inference was about the duo-Presidents, the Home Affairs Minister, Greene, Persaud, Whittaker and every last one a dem “and so when you see me face is not you I vex wid…is the system.  You have to have an attitude to keep them off yuh back and outa yuh rear view mirror and mek yourself road-ugly.”

Hewburns girlfriend is here with him on vacation but he has put some space between himself and her because of his domestic arrangements (talk half; leff half).  She sincerely wishes that there can be some method to the madness in GT “and it don’t have to come to this and get road ugly just to get thru the day.”  She jokingly alluded to the men who drink all the time and screw up their face to swallow the rum as if to say “we have enough ugly men already and with the women road ugly too, that is old-house pon old house”  ASOMELYKAM.


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