Black Stalin – We could make it if we try


There seems to be universal condemnation of both Presidents Jagdeo and Ramotar for failing to attend this weekend’s CARICOM/OAS meeting in Cartagena, Colombia.  The meeting started on April 9 and ends on Sunday evening April 15.  Up to the time of writing, the duo did not show up or indicate plans to attend in spite of giving assurances to President Desi Bouterse of Suriname that they would attend.   Some of the caucuses Guyana would have been instrumental in include regional transportation (REDjet) and legalizing marijuana as a means to curb exports to major North American and European centers.  

Aid for Haiti to help in its re-construction is also of interest to Guyana but here again, the duo are staying outta sight and perhaps outta their minds.

United States President Barak Obama will be attending and so too will the US Vice President, Joe Biden over this weekend.  Cuba is the only other country in the hemisphere not attending and for obvious reasons. Anyhow, Colombia’s President, Juan Manual Santos made an unannounced visit to Cuba and spoke with President Raoul Castro and perhaps at the next meeting, a seat will be prepared for Cuba.  Guyana may be expecting the same royal treatment or is it that they are too embarrassed to face up to their dastardly deeds of making GT a hub and a staple for illicit drugs eh?

Meanwhile in Parliament, APNU’s Debbie Backer who is Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, wants to recall allegedly criminal High Commissioners and known drug dealers, Lall and Gajraj from Brazil and India respectively, to be recalled and prosecuted if need be.  Debbie also wants to see a better and stellar representation in BRIC countries rather than the maneekarans that the duo has appointed.

Jagdeo and Ramotar feel that by staying away from the meetings that they would be ‘outta sight and outta mind’.  Instead, they are making themselves most visible by abstaining. Perhaps they are outta their minds.

Guyana’s duo Presidents are making a complete mockery of international relations and shared governance.  Each day, each passing moment, they are sinking Guyana deeper and deeper into mediocrity and are glowing in the dark as disreputable leaders and may be persons of interest as the regional Heads meet to discuss new and creative ways to stop the flow of drugs between and among the affected states.

Guyana has earned the reputation a NARCO-STATE and one would think that the PPP administration would jump at any and every opportunity to clear its name, strengthen surveillance and prosecute drug dealers.  But no; instead the PPP administration has a working and intimate relationship with drug dealers.  Word is out that both Jagdeo and Ramotar have stealthy and robust investments in supermarkets, airlines, hotels and tourism projects.  In some quarters the feeling is that the duo are kicking to the curb regional and international relations and are cultivating new and awkward partnerships with India and China as a means to continue the illicit narco trade.

Several cases have come up in Guyana whereby shipments of cocaine and marijuana destined for China, have been intercepted at the Guyana Post Office.  Very often, Guyanese customs officials in the interest of their own personal security and professional development have had to turn the other way to permit outgoing lumber and quarry exports to leave relatively unchecked.  President Ramotar has a cozy and historical relationship with both the timber and quarry industries.

Guyana is the only country in the world in which a new President, during his first 100 days, did not try to bamboozle the people by attempting to lower crime, halt drug trafficking or dissuade fisherman from pirating.  Instead, crime went up in every sector of the society.  Instead what Guyanese are seeing and experiencing is a new low; so low that the duo-Presidents want to sit on the thinnest leaf…a tobacco leaf, cross their legs and shake third legs all in one swath.  That is how low they are.

Last week, the daughter of the original leader and founder of the PPP Mrs Nadira Jagan-Brancier, took to the media and openly criticized both Jagdeo and Ramotar for departing from the philosophies and moral template set by their parents, Cheddie and Janet Jagan.

Mrs Nadira Jagan-Brancier said that the PPP was essentially a working class party and did not favour one group over another.  She was also highly critical of the duo and their henchmen in government of corruption and being cozy and in bed with drug dealers, and sincerely wanted to know if they were outta their minds.

The duo seems to be more concerned about perpetrating crimes of humanity against the people in a lop-sided but deliberate swath to do them permanent harm and re-colonise the country with the help of East Asia.  MOON-A-RUN-TILL-DAY-KETCHAM.


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