BY EWALT AINSWORTH              04 13 2012

There is a symbiotic relationship between Buxton and Linden and this PPP government, is always gnawing, scratching, scraping and trying to knock back Buxton for not supporting them at the polls last elections.  Linden too did not rise to the occasion for the PPP in spite of the millions and jerseys Lumumba and Mboya paid out, and so they vex unto now.

Historically, the people of Buxton and now Linden have been paying thru their teeth to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.  No other sector of society has had to make as much sacrifice and adjustments as Linden.  Linden is Buxton.  One in four houses in Linden, houses a resident from Buxton.  The rest of folks came to dormitories from Belladrum, Litchfield, Hopetown, Ithaca, Fern, Alness and Skeldon.          

Buxtonians especially, used to register by the droves at the employment center on Regent Street near Alexander and made their way by river in the dark of the night under harsh conditions to carve out an industry, a lifestyle and a money-making investment.  What more must they pay so that they can eek out a living in the roughest of times and others are getting away without a murmur eh?  The Prime Minister must have rubbed what they gave him to eat.

July is not so far away as Prime Minister Sam Hinds may want people to believe.  Whether far or near, calling on Linden to pay more for GPL power as suggested in the budget is another escapade into thwarting the already ridiculous life style and pocket books of Lindeners.

Too often, too long black people in Guyana have been set up by the PPP to be the bearers of the ills, dysfunction and demise of the Jagdeo/Ramotar administration.  In other words, black people, Buxtonians more particularly, have been cornered by jobs that pay salaries/wages while Indians are shoved and incentivized to take jobs as contractors, self-employed and consultants.  The system of taxation for this latter category is almost non-existent.  Get East Indians to pay taxes and Lindeners will be obliged to pay their fair share in light bills.

Please also be reminded that Linden is Buxton and the PPP has not forgiven either community for not supporting them at the polls.  Guyanese on the whole too must remember in the sixties it was the Sealy family that was the first to be murdered in cold blood aback of Buxton.  Both husband and wife were bludgeoned to death and the penis of the husband was stuffed in his mouth like a cigar.

The Abrahams family…the father of Sugar and Salt, twin brothers, these two boys grew up as orphans of the village because their dad, Leonard and two uncles were killed…shot to death in a PINK RENTAL BALLAHOO NAMED sunbeam.  Shortly after that Buxton episode, there was the SUN CHAPMAN explosion where more 100 persons lost their lives in the Demerara river.  They were all workers from Linden.

The PPP has never done anything concrete and or tangible for Buxton and or Linden.  Globally, Linden has the greatest concentration of black engineers, technicians and artisans.  The bauxite industry is in shambles; they pay more than residents from Bartica for food and vegetables and they lack certain basic amenities to keep life and soul together.  A significant increase in taxes is both punitive and calculated to disrobe, disarm and destroy the communities.

Prime Minister Sam Hinds has to go back to the drawing board and provide Linden with a better and brighter cure for whatever ails them.  Give them jobs and give them better access to social services rather than make them feel as beasts of burden of an ill-fated community and carriage.


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