ICE:  A FANTASTIC VOYAGE FOR GRANNY                    04 02 2012


This week, this season of lent as a matter of fact, more than 3,000 nationals from at least 116 countries will be deported on a fantastic voyage under the auspices of US Homeland Security in concert with ICE.  These fantastic voyages are scheduled on an as needed basis to scores of different republics and islands throwing entire families in disarray and having others ducking and hiding.  You think it easy, eh? And do not get comfortable and think is only young Hispanic and black men getting extradited; granny too.

Older women seem to be the most vulnerable.  And the crimes they commit is not owing child support but can be as simple as writing a bounced check, not paying your rent,  parking violations, failing to affix an inspection sticker on your car or even not recycling your garbage.  When goat shit want roll, any breeze will do.  

Recent statistics reveal that in shelter cities like Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Newark, Baltimore and Miami grandmothers as a category seem to be repeat offenders in running red lights, shoplifting and redistributing controlled subjects.  Local law enforcement also seem to tighten surveillance on this section of the population because they are more likely than any other group to be responsible for child rearing and running offspring to soccer games and school.

There was a case in Camden New Jersey where a grandmother went to an area mall and was in line checking out.  While in line, her cell phone went off and with cart in hand exited to take the call.  When she was done, she attempted to re-enter the store with all the goods she had picked up without the alarms going off.  She was promptly arrested and now faces deportation to an island in the West Indies.

Another case is a GT woman in the Oranges got a flyer in the mail for baby back ribs at half-price at a local meat market.  Rather than going to church at 9.00 am, the Sunday morning she diverted and joined the line at the meat market.  She got her portion of meat and was cutting across town to get her communion before church over and ran a red light.  The police apprehended her and sometime soon and very soon, she should be on her way home.

Take another one.  A homeless shelter in New York started a pilot project giving all homeless people in the shelter a one way ticket irrespective of country, to any and all of its clients.  The manager for the shelter was Guyanese and an ex-policeman.  There was a client at his shelter who was also an ex-cop but homeless.  The shelter manager ensured that the GT cop got a first class ticket, weather appropriate clothing for one year three months advance for prescriptions, food and miscellany plus an extra small piece totaling US6,000.  Normally, it costs about US400 a day to cater for a homeless person.

Fast forward. Earlier this year, another Old Police was celebrating his 80th birthday in Brooklyn.  Jeggae and Lionel Abel provided sound entertainment.  While the manager was doing his thing, he felt a tap on his shoulder; it was the man whom he bent over backwards to accommodate and send home with 6,000 dollars in his wallet, trying to introduce his girlfriend and live-in companion.  To make a long story short, it is only this week the man was released from prison and would be in GT with enough time to fly Uncle Charlie kite.

Some folks while incarcerated are signing up for academic classes to avoid deportation after having committed all kinds of offences including spousal abuse.  Women beating women is another significant category but another time I will go there.

There are simply not enough jobs to go around.  Much more than that, America is rebooting and needs skilled technicians.  It is incumbent on regional governments to do a better job in in-sourcing training, education, recreation and social services.  The few jobs that are available demand flexible operatives that can multi-task and get to work at short notice.

The grandmothers too often are stranded by responsibilities of child care and welfare.
They also need insurance and benefits to cope.  Employers have no time for that and are working in concert with Homeland Security and putting you on an airline, first class and ship you back to yuh yard.  Amen.

Black Stalin – Sufferers

Stalin breaking down d Savannah Stage with his memorable performance in the 1999 Dimanche Gras Show, Trinidad Carnival


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