By Ewalt Ainsworth                  04 01 2012

Trini, every time she jump on the 94-cross town bus in Irvington New Jersey, she does listen out fuh Guyanese accents; she man is Guyanese and she like to hear them say when each other in trouble…bambalaty-bam-bam-bam and or yuh eye-pass-me.  It does bring smiles and a joy to her heart to see us react and pull ourselves together for fear of being ex-communicated, exposed, expelled and or simply deported from North America.

The word is out how difficult and cruel the government is to its own people.  More Indians migrate than blacks and have turned upside down the concept that “a bad home is better than a good abroad.”  Not only are they migrating more but they are also changing religions and joining up the clap-hand churches to renew their faith and pray like grass hopper, for a change.  

The Indians too are changing up their physical outlook by being trendy and fashion conscious.  Both men and women are cutting their hair shorter and the men especially are integrating into barrios and ghettos by putting their hair in Rastafarian knits.

Young Indians are not sticking to the traditions in courting within their race and culture.  Boys and girls are finding Hispanic intimate partners challenging, and the old people are mad-as-hell; they bawling and holding their head..  Some even took down payments and promised marriages to folks back home but things are not working out.  Coolie gal fuh like soak-off and sleep out.  Bambalaty-bam-bam-bam.

They are also looking for jobs with benefits and avoid working as consultants and job-work/per diem agents. Normally when you work with an agency, you get more cash in hand and there is a certain propensity to send the cash back to take care of friends and family.

Indians too are doing the Brazilian wax and eating out and have moved away from the roti and curry syndrome.  They too have one life to live.  Bambalaty-bam-bam-bam.

Trini does always fear for Guyanese people  because even though they are rated among the best, she fears that they are mistreated by “alyuh own government; they not giving you work, they not giving you food, they not giving you the time of the day and worst of all they not talking to you.  You can’t tell them how alyou feel and they just running a set a racket…like they do them (politicians)?”

This is a perfect segway to talk about the budget and more plans to put more squeeze on the black folks from Linden especially.  It look like if with immediate effect, families in Region 10 will have to pay about 400 per cent more per kilowatt hour for electricity.

Long before the PPP came to power and Jagdeo cut teeth, electricity used to be free in Linden and Kwakwani.  The excess power from the respective bauxite plants used to be re-distributed to the community at large as an incentive for them to give up their homeland and dump the hostel mentality the early settlers/workers had cultivated.

Talk to any Lindenite and he would tell you that his parents and heritage is from Berbice.  Black people, contrary to what the government is fostering, have that pioneering spirit.  Black people carved out, developed, and peopled that hinterland and riverain communities and now the government is being punitive by raising the rates from approximately ten dollars  to sixty dollars per kilowatt hour.

Prime Minister Sam Hinds, is from Linden.  He knows the history but he is too soft, too timid to say bambalaty-bam-bam-bam.  Sam Hinds has to find his voice and hopefully his thinking self or else he will be returned to a reservation of pity and defeat.  Linden loves you but it is now time to reciprocate.

  • Brazil for the longest time, has been trying to build a road and link up with Linden.  Linden cast its votes to the APNU.  Jagdeo with his wicked, willful and malicious self, made the determination to move the road to Region Six.
  • Brazil has the second largest black population outside of Africa.  Brazilians understand how to deal with black people and do not know diddly-squat about coolies and Indians; bambalaty-bam-bam-bam.
  • Dr Roger Luncheon too should speak up for this people especially in the light of him de-railing the professional and political ambitions of Mortimer Mingo, former Regional Chairman of Region Two.  The Dr used to be the family practitioner for the Mingos when they resided at both Haslington and El Dorado.  Talk half, leff half.
  • The PPPP can do little things like examine and inventories their housing stocks, remortgage all buildings constructed and extended since they came to power and let them pay into a national grid and establish standards.  But nope.
  • The PPP government too can give guidelines about housing.  Any house that has more rooms than residents must pay a flat rate of approximately 6,000 dollars.  See if the coolie people ent gone start rioting and running out of Guyana eh? Bambalaty-bam-bam-bam.
  • Black people in Guyana actually a charged a higher rate of tax than Indians.  Blacks take civil service jobs while Indians are consultants and per diem workers.  These stereotypes can be rectified.  The technology is available but the PPP lacks the will.  They get a high, a rush from disturbing the black community.  But this too shall pass and Lincoln Lewis will have to make an intervention of some sort and abort this increased rates for the fabric of Linden; bambalaty-bam-bam-bam.

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