MONEY OR CONNIE:  A GREENE EPISODE                                   03 302012


Police Commissioner Henry Greene

One of the legacies of the Jagdeo/Ramotar administration as they inch towards a sudden but permanent resting place is that they made carnal knowledge of women a prescriptive right; you have money, you get connie.  You have power, you can have sex; no money down.  Former Chronicle photographer and jokester, Cyril Latchoo, schooled me on the relationship between money and connie.

Letting Police Commissioner Henry Greene off the hook is a down payment on slackness, in-civility, immorality and a swift acknowledgement that women are irrelevant.  You have a connie, you are tantamount to a criminal and valueless.

Sociologically speaking, Indian men do not find black women attractive.  In this case, Commissioner Greene is in bed with the Indian government; contact corrupts. At no time during the 18 year ascent to power did the PPP administration show any respect, tolerance or mindset to accommodate black women.  

They were always treated with scorn and disdain irrespective of their academic, professional experience, heritage and family back ground.   Only last week 13 women at one jam were left in Antigua to fend for themselves until two expatriate companies came to their rescue.  Are the Guyanese people to understand that no bowjee, no pandit or bandit from the administration could have made a call or write a check for those basketball players to get home within a reasonable time eh?  One day, one day congatae.

President Ramotar is responsible for the security and upliftment of the nation…not one people; Jagdeo especially, knows that men can imitate women more than women can imitate themselves.  And so what he does, he cherry-picks the weakest of men and make them rapists of women.  Rape in the administration is institutionalized behavior …business as usual.  Police stations in Guyana close their doors and cordon off the access roads by 6.00 pm.  The police more than anybody else know all the rapists and rapees and keep a tight lip for fear of reprisal from within and above.

Jagdeo approves of all rape because in his head, it is a form of corrective surgery. The demographics also show that black women are the smallest minority…even less than Amerindian women, to support the PPP.  The doctrine of the Party is US OR CHAOS; MONEY OR CONNIE.

This writer understands that the accused rapist showed up at the courts on Thursday in full uniform and further issued bulletins as if he was still in charge.  Reports are that the Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee was caught unaware and had to seek counsel and advice before proceeding with caution.  Some say too that a BENTLEY SUV picked up the top-cop after a brief court appearance before returning to his Eve Leary office after a long and protracted leave of absence.  Money or connie.

Commissioner Greene ascended to power on the advice and urgings of a criminal mind (call name and I would whistle).

Commissioner Greene cannot help himself; he has an appetite for fropuscatious behavior and this dereliction of the courts is just another in the entire episode of mismanagement, corruption and corrective surgery as adumbrated by the PPP.

Guyanese women of every ethnic stripe, religion, race, ethnicity, age, rage, stage and or sexual preference has had to change sleeping rituals and sleeping patterns.  Walk with me.  Even in homes where there are husbands, brothers, fathers or entire families, women have to sleep in hard pants or trousered night garments.

This is not because of mosquitoes or weather conditions; this is because also women feel threatened by the rash of men who kick down their doors and pounce upon them, day or night and rape them.

The Guyana Police Force is toothless. They do not have the resources or the personnel to investigate these sensitive issues of rape and abuse in homes.  The most vulnerable group of women are those who live alone and have relatives abroad; they are raped first as priority and robbed as an alibi.  Other women, who show a sexual preference for other women, are twice as vulnerable.  Their rape is considered corrective surgery.

Another group which escapes attention is visiting women from overseas.  There are groups of men who specialize in this industry and stalk these visitors at popular night clubs with or without accompaniment.  The rapists know they have to get on a plane a day or two later and wait until the ninth hour to attack and rape them; the expectation is when these folks return overseas, they would be so distraught, embarrassed and humiliated that the victims will try to re-contact them.  At this stage the attacker would plead a case of temporary insanity, regret and forgiveness and pledge marriage as a way to make up for the scourge.  In other words, rape is now a passport to both marriage and immigration.  Believe it or leave it.

Another downfall of the PPP is that it has not set standards in terms of logistics.  And by that I mean the PPP has allowed anybody with money to build a house.  Years ago, you had to get a plan and the local authority to approve.  These days, you build the house, don’t have a mortgage and do not follow building codes and or standards.  A four bedroom house used to have at least ten children.  These days, a ten bedroom house has four people and they all become vulnerable.  More money, more connie.

Commissioner Greene is a product of the society.  As a matter of fact he has immediate relatives in Victoria, in Golden Grove and Buxton.  His victim was from Victoria; one day, one day, congatae.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by rick dalgetty on April 20, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    Like most of the commentaries calling for Mr. Greene’s head, both professionally and criminally, the legal point/issue has been missed in your offering; and the Commissioner has not been simply let “off the hook”. He availed himself of appropriate legal remedies – writs of certiorari and prohibition – because he believed that he could suffer irreparable harm if prosecuted in a trial court. He was successful in having the DPP stayed from charging him. Here, it would be fair and reasonable to examine the nature of the DPP’s case to charge Mr. Greene; that which was so odious and “irrational” to CJ Chang. While I salute your advocacy for a better view of our women folk to prevail, I still offer that such considerations have less to do with answering whether the criminal act of rape was perpetrated against the person. Let me say this without any compunction: As the facts have come out, both in the press and from the gathering of evidence, the individual alleging rape is no innocent victim for whom tears should be shed.
    Firstly, she sought to inveigle the Commissioner into circumventing the course of justice by suggesting he tamper with and remove evidence in a case for which she was under investigation. The Commissioner was smart enough not to fall prey to her guile; and while he should have just simply turned her away, he, using bad judgement, opportunely converted the situation into one of satisfying his sexual desires.
    Further, as proffered by the feminist elite and the male neo-feminists, the notion of this poor woman wilting under the power of the Commissioner, flies in the face of the established reality of her conniving prowess. I still can’t understand how she was able to access a hotel room where her husband was having sex with another woman, and actually record the action, undetected; but she did and was able to create the piece of media for sale to her husband’s lover in return for her “keeping the secret”. This poor , powerless person, understood extortion and sought to use it to her advantage. Sorry, but no tears ought to be shed for her.
    Out of all the brouhaha re justice Chang’s decision, I welcome and admire the articulations about what ought to obtain for our daughters, sisters, mothers, etc. True enough, our society needs to wake up to the new day realities where gender equality in all its related and attendant forms must replace the old school, patriarchial domination inherited from the historical colonial experience. However, we cannot allow such social considerations, their importance notwithstanding, to be conflated and welded to the exercise of jurisprudence founded on the application of the written law. Justice Chang’s decision continues to be a good one and even if the the current cacaphony of dissent does not abate to his vindication; I’m sure history will absolve him.

    Rick Dalgetty
    Brooklyn, NY


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