VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENTS                             03 22 2012


Cricket is no longer the national sport in Guyana; it is now corruption and so it will be until somebody takes a long and hard look at the vulnerability of the nation.  This writer is also cautious about the fate of the other Guyanese passengers left in Antigua or Barbados or Brazil for that matter.

There was a time when airlines used to honor each other’s tickets.  Guyana sells the most expensive jet fuel in the world and some officials siphon off some into their SUV-BENTLEYS.  Guyana too charges more than 35% face value on all tickets and it is in times like these that money goes to work.  I shudder to think that that money and departure taxes departed when the airlines depart from CBJ to an Indian bank account in Delhi or the Punjab.

As we speak, the country is in a mess.  Now is the time for the PPP government to come clean and transform the mess into a message of hope, increased production and productivity and a semblance of honesty.  But nope; the beat goes on and the beef goes out.               

The rise of DIGICEL and Ansa Mc AL to rescue thirteen young women who won a basketball tournament in Antigua is a small example about how vulnerable we are.  Everybody in Guyana is over wired; some people have two cell phones, a Blackberry and a laptop; they do not leave home without some of their equipment.  Yet still, a plane ticket from Antigua to Guyana was impossible for the PPP to engineer within a reasonable time.

Guyanese have seen floods of magnanimous and biblical proportions and dismissed it as God’s work.  Guyana has seen power outages that have lasted as much as 72 hours in one swath.  Guyanese have eaten fine rice with pumpkin, pumpkin and rice, rice on pumpkin, pumpkin with rice, cook up rice with pumpkin, pumpkin fritters and pumpkin bread.  We have eaten all and many of these combinations and still did not complain or lay blame on anyone.  Denying these winning girls who like sleeping on their own bed a speedy return home is an act of terrorism.

In so many other pockets in the society, there is flagrant favoritism punctuated by racism.   These girls will never recover and or recoil from this experience; Gentle Jesus does not wear pajamas.

Women in Guyana are the least respected and tolerated.  Jagdeo lives with his two sisters and they always keep a light on for him when he is out.  President Ramotar has daughters and one day, one day, something will happen and in his quiet moments, he would remember these 13 women of class and color.

Government has certain responsibilities.  It is these little things that make a big difference between what is and what will be.  Guyanese over the years have been very peaceful and have learnt to look the other way but look at what is happening to the best and brightest among us … eh?

In my life time I have seen the flagship GUYANA AIRWAYS CORPORATION deviate and run off schedule and move to Cuba and Jamaica to pick up and carry back students and athletes.  There is precedence too of GAC going to other countries and ferrying passengers who are stranded because of bad weather and other unforeseen circumstances.  But the PPP over the two decades, has privatized and down sized and created so many bad friends that neither of the duo knows what to do in times like these.

Right now a new airline…FLYJAMAICA is scheduled to come on stream for Easter.  The employee owners, who are Guyanese, in order to get the licensing requirements, had to pretend to be from another nation, another planet, another hub.  It took these businessmen more than two years before they got the paperwork signed by Jagdeo.  In the end they had to compromise their business model and use Jamaica as both the hub and label.

Black men in Guyana when they want a job or keep a job, they either have to bend over backwards (or forwards), bribe and or change their names.  Sometimes they have to do all of the above.

News is emerging of a Moscow trained doctor who hails from Linden, who is claiming he was sodomised by the official party that travelled overseas recently with Jagdeo.  Black men in Guyana have to stomach all forms of degradation and abuse at the hands of this government.  Men in times past, used to drink a beer or two Guinness and resolve their issues but now the corruption is making all other things possible.

To the basketball players, we welcome you back home but next time make better arrangements; instead of seeing red, try blue.


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