Caution: benn-ahead

Caution:  benn-ahead

By: Ewalt Ainsworth

In my formative years he held the hands of this writer and helped him over the zebra crossing.  In adulthood, this same man became a soccer coach, mentor, mechanic and friend.  Today he has moved on.

This discussion is about Philbert Lloyd Benn, a product of Golden Grove and a global citizen.  At the time of death in the Diaspora, Llydie was a few months short of his 66th birthday.

In some circles, Mr. Benn used to be referred to as ‘DANGEROUS-BENN’ BECAUSE OF HIS HEIGHT, STAMINA AND STICK-TO-ITIVENESS.  He was also a friend of my father, LRD Ainsworth.  Mr. Neebert Sancho, former principal of the Golden Grove High School, and now business executive in Montreal, cancelled all his schedules and joined the family back home for the celebration of his life and times.    

Strange, when your father’s friends die, it is easy to refer to them as a statistic; when your own friends die…bhoom…, it is a tragedy.  Lloydie, you were neither; you have always been a comrade and a compatriot.

His body was returned home for burial and he would be sadly missed by the Coffee Street Crew and all the other fellas at the King Solomon connection.

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