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By EWALT AINSWORTH                                          03 24 2012

This is the second year in a row Jamaican Frank is celebrating his 100th birthday; his is now 102 years and does everything he did half a century ago except waste time and gamble.  Frank is a strong believer in the 11th commandment adumbrated by Reggae Singer Prince Buster…”thou shalt not pidgy-wing or call my name in vain for my wrath shall descend on you heavily.;  all his days are occupied by pretending he will live another century (or part thereof).  And guess what…the medical prognosis is good and over the weekend he had a slight bagwat for those who did not make it on his 102nd birthday – 02 14 2012.

On a recent visit to his official visit residence on Sanford Avenue in Essex County, New Jersey last Valentine’s day, there was very unusual activity.  There were scores of balloons and twice as many people all dressed up, looking good and smelling good awaiting the elevator to go up to the fifth floor.  It is only then I realized that all the young people around me, were on the same mission to go meet and greet Frank and help celebrate his 102nd birthday.   Continue reading

Demise of a daughter – Ms Elizabeth Francis

Demise of a daughter – Ms Elizabeth Francis

Ms Elizabeth Francis

Victoria has just laid to rest another prominent resident and former school teacher/headmistress Ms Elizabeth Francis.

She lived after retirement with her children here in New York and her body was taken back to Guyana for interment.

Ms Francis taught extensively on the East Coast and became Head Mistress at the Golden Grove Methodist School.  She was a staunch Christian and an eminent member of the Belfield citadel.  She is survived by two daughters and a son and half-a-dozen grand children. Continue reading

Caution: benn-ahead

Caution:  benn-ahead

By: Ewalt Ainsworth

In my formative years he held the hands of this writer and helped him over the zebra crossing.  In adulthood, this same man became a soccer coach, mentor, mechanic and friend.  Today he has moved on.

This discussion is about Philbert Lloyd Benn, a product of Golden Grove and a global citizen.  At the time of death in the Diaspora, Llydie was a few months short of his 66th birthday.

In some circles, Mr. Benn used to be referred to as ‘DANGEROUS-BENN’ BECAUSE OF HIS HEIGHT, STAMINA AND STICK-TO-ITIVENESS.  He was also a friend of my father, LRD Ainsworth.  Mr. Neebert Sancho, former principal of the Golden Grove High School, and now business executive in Montreal, cancelled all his schedules and joined the family back home for the celebration of his life and times.     Continue reading



BY EWALT AINSWORTH                 03 30 2012

Friday will go down as the most luckiest day in the world for somebody, anybody but not everybody.  The New York lottery system is sponsoring the most expensive and incentive-filled game in the history of the lottery project…US 500,000.00.  And with that comes some behavioral issues among our people and some others.

Patrick, a compatriot, some years ago was visiting during the Easter season his adult children who had moved into the home purchased by his ex-wife and current husband.  The current husband, who is a personal friend, tried to be courteous, cordial and cooperative while the ex husband visited.  In addition to cooking some snapper curry and wild rice, the two scampered off quietly to the neighborhood lottery store.  The husband used the curriculum vitae of the ex to select tickets and gave him a bundle as a gift.  One of the bundled tickets yielded a significant amount of money and with that the visiting boo cancelled his visit and headed for the hills without sharing.  A decade has past and neither the ex wife, current husband or immediate past and visiting husband, have spoke n to each other.  As a matter of fact, the women died shortly after and rumors have it that “the low down dirty dog” might have started her demise.  That’s how I buy it and so a sell it.          Continue reading


VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENTS                             03 22 2012


Cricket is no longer the national sport in Guyana; it is now corruption and so it will be until somebody takes a long and hard look at the vulnerability of the nation.  This writer is also cautious about the fate of the other Guyanese passengers left in Antigua or Barbados or Brazil for that matter.

There was a time when airlines used to honor each other’s tickets.  Guyana sells the most expensive jet fuel in the world and some officials siphon off some into their SUV-BENTLEYS.  Guyana too charges more than 35% face value on all tickets and it is in times like these that money goes to work.  I shudder to think that that money and departure taxes departed when the airlines depart from CBJ to an Indian bank account in Delhi or the Punjab.

As we speak, the country is in a mess.  Now is the time for the PPP government to come clean and transform the mess into a message of hope, increased production and productivity and a semblance of honesty.  But nope; the beat goes on and the beef goes out.                Continue reading

CHINA – No Parking – affects middle class

No parking

A dearth of parking places riles the new middle class

Mar 24th 2012 | BEIJING | The Economist

AS PROTEST movements go, the recent gathering of rabble-rousers in an underground Beijing car park was hardly momentous. But on a cold, damp night the distress was palpable, and the calls for action heartfelt. The red banner they unfurled said it all: “My car has no home to return to!”

The 30-odd protesters were all residents of the Yinfeng Garden apartments, an upper-middle-class housing development in north-east Beijing. Some have lived there since buying flats ten years ago, at which time they say they were promised the right to rent parking spaces for 300-800 yuan ($50-130) a month for as long as they lived there.

But last year the management suddenly announced that residents would have to buy the spaces, for around 165,000 yuan ($26,000). That’s more than some owners paid for their cars, and many refused to fork out. Spaces were sold to newcomers, and ugly retaliation ensued. Cars were scratched, wing mirrors smashed and tyres slashed. Hot-heads called for yet more direct action, proposing a mass protest in which residents would use cars to blockade the complex. Police were called several times, but did little more than urge people to resolve the disputes themselves.  [more]