Dem boys seh…Guyana got KBG—Kick Back Gangsters`

Dem boys seh…Guyana got KBG—Kick Back Gangsters`

 March 23, 2012 | By KNews | Filed Under Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, News
President Cheddi Jagan was really Cheddi Berret Jagan—CBJ. He was a good man. Then one come, Bharrat Jagdeo. He was only BJ—Bad Jenny, de exact opposite of Cheddi. He lef and study in Russia wheh dem got de KGB. In case you don’t know, KGB is de Russian secret service mafia.
Bad Jenny come back and tun a KBG. In case you don’t know, that is Kick Back Gangster, and he form a clique. He and de clique gangster de whole country. Dem Kick de Belly out of Guyanese.
So much of kickback dem get that dem almost own all of Guyana. Dem boys find out that dem guh fuh own Essequibo and that is why Chavez send 15,000 troops pun de border. Is only that stop dem.  
Dem bareface. In fact, dem suh bareface that when dem thief and get ketch by de Waterfalls paper, and people talk, dem want jook dem people eye wid bag needle and tape up dem mouth.
When dem not jooking we eyes wid bag needle, and pulling wool over people face, dem does talk about balance. Rohee gat de nerve fuh talk bout balance but he can’t tell people wheh de $90 million deh.
He write a letter and ask “Whatever happen to balanced and objective reporting?” Dem boys seh that he ask two hard question wha none media house can answer.
Dem boys got a very easy one fuh he. He clerk or he gardener can answer this question. “Wha happen to balancing de books wid de 90 Michael?”
And he must not balance de books wid lead pencil, like de Shaatie from de Finance Ministry or like Leslie who keep de Ministry of Health drug record in lead pencil.
Talk half and balance de other half.

 Dem boys seh…Uncle Donald gun get beat

 March 24, 2012 | By KNews | Filed Under Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, News
Guyana looking fuh hile many, many years now. Bad Jenny who use to name de Rat, decide that he gun put de cart before de donkey. And de donkey gun dress up in gold and diamond and silver slave band.
Imagine dem ain’t find one drop yet but he, de Bad Jenny who was once de Rat, seh how Guyana need a big hutel fuh de people who gun come when dem find de hile.
Is hile he de Jenny want, and is hile he gun get because de other people looking fuh oil. He sissy pal Kwame looking hile plus hyan. Dem boys seh suh.
Is sheer BS and gangstering dem got this nation pun. Dem seh dem building de hutel fuh when dem find hile. Well dem boys have a nice question fuh dem. If you nah find hile is wheh you gun push de hutel?
But even if dem find hile, it gun tek four year fuh dem start fuh pump. De hutel gun tek eight months to a year fuh build. Why run fuh build de hutel now?
Dem boys know. People, dem boys want tell alyuh in clear terms. Is a big big laundry dem want to mek suh dem can wash de money wha dem done thief by de billions. Dem want clean up de money fuh legally get it in de system. That is money laundering; and de ABC countries watching de KBG—de Kick Back Gangsters.
Poor Uncle Donald, dem wukking dem evil pun he from left to right and from front to back and even de side. He can’t sleep properly when de night come. He li’l confuse. Every day dem calling pun he fuh build de hutel; dem pushing he fuh run through dem contract, but dem boys know that one day he gun wake up.
And that is why people know that one day he gun get sense.
Dem have a saying that you can fool some of de people all of de time, and all of de people some of de time, but you can never fool all the people all de time.
Well Uncle Donald ain’t gun get fool all de time, because dem boys gun beat sense in he ball head.
Talk half and watch out fuh dem laundry people.

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