By Ewalt Ainsworth                                    03 18 2012

Every country, every community, every people and every animal for that matter has a rhythm of its own.  And the rhythm I am talking about is not the wine back, back-back or wine down slow and come down low rhythm but that spiritual something that motivates us.  We cannot be occupied with the things we see, hear and do or else our rhythm would be flawed and faulty.  Sounds like a talking about somebody eh?  If you know something, say something.

Guyana used to have a rhythm; we were a rhythm nation.  We had mutual dishes, mutual relations, mutual goals, mutual meeting places (sea wall), mutual drinks and mutual cultural artistes.  Folks like Gora Singh, Manny Haniff, Lionel Abel, Sammy Baksh, Boyie Sage, Fogarty-bun-down, Neil Chan, Habib Khan, Mighty Chief and  Ron Saunders.  These were all cultural cartons and ethnic people but their ideologies and belief systems were not paramount. It was people before pleasure.  All those people mentioned have faded into oblivion and a new set of one-dimensional practitioners have risen to the damnation and condemnation of the rhythm nation.  None shall escape intact. 

This rhythm-ting got teeth like fowl cock. Everybody got a Chinee-alarm clock at their bed head  to wake them up.  The crow of the rooster has lost both its rhythm and efficacy. You can’t get Guyanese to pay attention much less pay their bills or honor their creed.  Guyanese more concerned about the non-arrival of the barrels or the disappearance of REDjet.  The disappearance of REDJet will break the people’s rhythm more than the disappearance of Jagdeo; at least they could get to work on the cheap wile Jagdeo denied them work and upset their total rhythm.

Work is for working people and unless you have rhythm, you cannot work and or  be denied work.   Guyana is the only country in the world where more of the population is both unemployed and the people with rhythm in their productive years work outside of the country.  Tune in to any regional radio or TV station, there is always a rhythm jamming in the background.  No wonder Friday nights outside Stabroek Market is mass games…boys and girls come out to catch a rhythm until day-clean.

An amusing thing too about the current GT rhythm scene is that you have to know how to jig to an outa-time wine.  In other words, a man will give you a Hekeinen beer in your left hand and a binnie licking you down with a Banks while the ten year old on the table still untouched.  There are no standards in terms of consistency, availability and time lines.  The rhythm mix-up mix up; is chutney.  And this chutney rhythm can both mix you up and trip you up unless you paying attention and paying for attention.  Guyana can really do with a dose of senna and salts and purge the system or else many more will come down with diseases worse than cancer and fail abysmally at what they were not trained to do rhythmically.  ASOMELYKAM.  (end)


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