I-TO-CUM (I will be there)

I-TO-CUM (I will be there)              

By EWALT AINSWORTH                      03 21 2012

Come June 30th the New York based  FRIENDS OF VICTORIA Cultural Association will be presenting for the ump-teenth time a breakfast and coffee morning.  You are invited to come for breakfast and stay for lunch (and dinner if necessary).

This I-TO-CUM breakfast has a history…a beginning and an end.  The flyer attached says that the official starts at 10.00 am and never ends (never-done sweetie).  There is no time limit set and from a practical point of view, it never ends.  It merely transforms itself into smaller parties, fashion shows and nuff talk name and tantalise.  ASOMELYKAM.

Jeggae is coming on strong with an anniversary crusade and a wider ensemble of folk artistes, singers and dancers.  He is sincerely hoping to launch his fifth CD….SAPODILLA SWEETER THAN LORD JESUS.  General Martin (Martin Robertson) oldies-icon, will also appear on the same slate and do not be late.

Tickets are on sale at the usual places and make sure yours is locked-in and laminated.  All fiduciary cards are accepted.

Victoria was originally purchased in 1839 by a consortium of 89 slaves pooling their money and shoving it in a wheel barrow to secure and seal the deal.  Victoria now has Republican status (PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF VICTORIA) and this Easter an organized group is leaving for the village to engage in a series of games and tournaments as part of an annual I-TO-CUM excursion and awareness exercise.  In 2014 there will be a massive 175th anniversary program.  Participation in the breakfast and other events will be credited towards travel arrangements as the date unfolds.



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