By EWALT AINSWORTH                          03 20 2012

English does not always convey the sincerity and severity of the help and assistance civic-minded people extend to citizens.  ‘Thank-you’ sounds great but gracias has an impact; it also shows grace and gratitude especially after having to endure and extend your stay in a foreign country and left out to dry because of the gender of the basketball team.   The Guyanese girls won the tournament.  Winning in this case was not enough especially when you do not have a cup or your last name is not Singh.  The PPP is always looking for new and creative ways to punish and be punitive to its citizens irrespective of the circumstances.

This basketball team was not on a holiday, but was there to fly the national flag.  Sports are a genuine form of human development.  It fosters national cohesion, confidence and character but those are not the games that the PPP plays.  No money, no love.

DIGICEL and Ansa McAL, gracias.  The Guyana government does not care for certain people.  You do.  These girls went out to win and they did.  Your efforts in bringing them back home are appreciated.

The PPP does not see any financial gain in chartering a plane to bring back black ambassadors who represented Guyana and won at what they were doing.  This is in itself the incentive so that in future everyday people would want to go somewhere and do something.  Where is the civic self the civic half of the Party?  These are issues that Parliament must seek to prosecute, irrespective of the fiduciary consequences.

Too often black people are treated like cassava-skin in Guyana.  Black people still have to kick the balls, rim the baskets and make the plunges off the highest platforms and when it is time to reach out a hand of kindness and sincerity, they (PPP) retreat and resign.

The PPP has succeeded in making Guyana an hyphenated country.  Words like Afro-Guyanese, Indo-Guyanese, bad-minded coolie, cut-and-run Punjabi and drop-dead stupidness have all resurfaced.  Two decades ago the most popular hyphenated word was shirt-jac; all the men had one.  The resurgence of hyphens is exposing the populace to abuse, disease, detentions and disgrace.

Guyana is rated approximately 138 of 170 nations polled as being corrupt.  Barbados ranks 44 and ask any Bajan anytime, he/she would tell you “many of the perpetrators are Guyanese.”

The same REDjet that suspended operations to the region over the last weekend did not find favor with the Guyana Civil Aviations Department.  Guyana applies more taxes than any other regional country to its people and now that a basketball team is in need, it has ducked and run for cover.  The Ansa Mc Al group and DIGICEL in addition to all the Caribbean agencies that lent a hand and put a hand deserve a standing ovation.  Perhaps next time around the basketball team should walk with a cup as a symbol of affiliation and faithfulness and hopefully things would go better win or lose.


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