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By Ewalt Ainsworth                                    03 18 2012

Every country, every community, every people and every animal for that matter has a rhythm of its own.  And the rhythm I am talking about is not the wine back, back-back or wine down slow and come down low rhythm but that spiritual something that motivates us.  We cannot be occupied with the things we see, hear and do or else our rhythm would be flawed and faulty.  Sounds like a talking about somebody eh?  If you know something, say something.

Guyana used to have a rhythm; we were a rhythm nation.  We had mutual dishes, mutual relations, mutual goals, mutual meeting places (sea wall), mutual drinks and mutual cultural artistes.  Folks like Gora Singh, Manny Haniff, Lionel Abel, Sammy Baksh, Boyie Sage, Fogarty-bun-down, Neil Chan, Habib Khan, Mighty Chief and  Ron Saunders.  These were all cultural cartons and ethnic people but their ideologies and belief systems were not paramount. It was people before pleasure.  All those people mentioned have faded into oblivion and a new set of one-dimensional practitioners have risen to the damnation and condemnation of the rhythm nation.  None shall escape intact.  Continue reading

I-TO-CUM (I will be there)

I-TO-CUM (I will be there)              

By EWALT AINSWORTH                      03 21 2012

Come June 30th the New York based  FRIENDS OF VICTORIA Cultural Association will be presenting for the ump-teenth time a breakfast and coffee morning.  You are invited to come for breakfast and stay for lunch (and dinner if necessary).

This I-TO-CUM breakfast has a history…a beginning and an end.  The flyer attached says that the official starts at 10.00 am and never ends (never-done sweetie).  There is no time limit set and from a practical point of view, it never ends.  It merely transforms itself into smaller parties, fashion shows and nuff talk name and tantalise.  ASOMELYKAM.

Jeggae is coming on strong with an anniversary crusade and a wider ensemble of folk artistes, singers and dancers.  He is sincerely hoping to launch his fifth CD….SAPODILLA SWEETER THAN LORD JESUS.  General Martin (Martin Robertson) oldies-icon, will also appear on the same slate and do not be late. Continue reading



By EWALT AINSWORTH                          03 20 2012

English does not always convey the sincerity and severity of the help and assistance civic-minded people extend to citizens.  ‘Thank-you’ sounds great but gracias has an impact; it also shows grace and gratitude especially after having to endure and extend your stay in a foreign country and left out to dry because of the gender of the basketball team.   The Guyanese girls won the tournament.  Winning in this case was not enough especially when you do not have a cup or your last name is not Singh.  The PPP is always looking for new and creative ways to punish and be punitive to its citizens irrespective of the circumstances.

This basketball team was not on a holiday, but was there to fly the national flag.  Sports are a genuine form of human development.  It fosters national cohesion, confidence and character but those are not the games that the PPP plays.  No money, no love.

DIGICEL and Ansa McAL, gracias.  The Guyana government does not care for certain people.  You do.  These girls went out to win and they did.  Your efforts in bringing them back home are appreciated. Continue reading

Redjet leaves Guyana’s women basketball team stranded in Antigua

STRANDED IN ANTIGUA: Guyana's women basketball team.

March 19. 2012 – Demerara Waves.

Fresh from Sunday night’s decisive victory at the 12th Annual Gillian Brazier Basketball Championship in Antigua, team members are now stranded on theCaribbeanisland, awaiting a GUY$1 million package to get them out.

President of the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF),  David Patterson told Demerara Waves Online News ( ) that efforts are being made to get seek assistance from two corporate entities and government to wing out the Guyanese.

There are 13 team members and the Manager, Michaela Burnett. Continue reading