By EWALT AINSWORTH                          03 18 2012

The life and lifestyles of rural and plural Guyanese has been reduced to the lowest common denominator; good means bad and bad means good.  Right now we have a good good government and all the PPP sharing to capars is bad bad deals, ideas and tremendous lowra.  The language is bad and the outcomes terrible.  There is not a replacement reservoir or talent pool to draw on.  FREEDUMB house has run out of steam and has squandered the money and missed great opportunities to retrieve disaffected Guyanese who migrated.  This Easter would see a steady flow of traffic with remigrants; they come to spend time.  They spending what they don’t have and come to transfer out their social security, pensions and monies from the genip tree, the breadfruit tree, and coconut that falling bip-bap and biddip-bap all over the land.

GT types not grating coconut any more.  They cooking with coconut milk from East Asia because they do not want to damage their finger nails.  They also are not washing their hair because of the fancy hairdo and they are not cooking crab and callaloo unless it comes in a can.  The food chain has changed and so too is the language.  The good virtues have become bad and the bad things have become good.  ASOMELYKAM.      

All the good folks are leaving and the Indian nationals want more pisa and daru.  The PPP is doing a terrific job in messing up and it is coming back to jook them in they baambsy.  Together they conspire, together they deceive.

A teacher recently in a private school, at that, was trying to impart to a class of 18 CXC students the concept of singular and plural got a response that will capsize any ballahoo in the Waini River.  The teacher encourages them by asking a simple question:   “one person looking through a window…singular or plural?”  In unison at the top of their lungs answered “singular miss.”

Next she asked:  “three people looking through a window…what is that singular or plural?”  Even before she completed the question they had the answer “plural miss.”

She then repeated the question but said:  “If ten people are looking through the same window, what is that?”  And in one voice, they said.  “That is not singular neither plural; that is BUDDY hotel.”

The teacher was fascinated by the response and called on Bilall to further ventilate how he or they arrived at the “hotel” response.  And he replied “business slow Miss and dem gal gat to do direct marketing and psst-yuh-off or else dem cork duck.”

A New Jersey based Guyanese soldier came home to the US last December and got married after serving three tours in Iraq and recently Afghanistan.  The wife got her travel documents and only arrived a few short weeks ago with her ten year old son in tandem.  The husband had his bouquet of flowers and overjoyed when he saw her but all of that disappeared when he was introduced to the son for the first time.  She had the nerve to tell him “if you like the goat you got to like the kiddie too.”

There was no language forthcoming from the husband.   Apparently during the interviewing process no mention was ever made of the son and she with a straight face said… “you never asked.”  He took it to heart and succumbed with a heart attack and had to be rushed to an emergency room where he subsequently died and later cremated.

The wife, new to the country was left to her own devices.  The army though its VET services, was able to get her benefits but most of all, a place for her son to go to school.

First day of school, the teacher as part of the standard routine, asked the GT boy to stand and introduce himself.  He was gracious, polite and deliberate.  The students were very curious and asked him his name and he responded “Dra Songh.”  They asked him where he lived and his response was “Walnut Street”   “And who is your daddy?  Drew was direct and responded “Mi daddy dead.”  Teacher got curious and attempted an apology simultaneously asking “and what did he do before he died?”  Drew held his chest, mimicking the heart attack his dad had and went down, sprawled on the floor and even frothed at the mouth to make his point.

The question really was about the father’s profession…”what did he do before he died.”  It was not about the re-enactment of his demise.

The coat of arms in Guyana reads:  ONE PEOPLE ONE NATION ONE DESTINY.  The new President at a recent Press conference was adamant that the coat-of –arms reads ONE PEOPLE ONE NATION ONE DESTINATION.  The new destination is India.  He may know something that those outside of FREEDUMB house do not know.

After Cheddie died Timehri airport was re-christened CHEDDIE JAGAN airport.  When one looks at the volume of cocaine, marijuana and gold being slipped out of the country, that is a subtle indication that there is no control or refereeing organization to stop them.

There was a time when the teachers used to drill it in you that “if you can’t make a sentence you will serve a sentence.”  Dis time na-lang-time.

Forbes Burnham erred badly in the language by referring to “one people one nation….etc.

Education is no longer a priority among Indians especially.  They dress more, cut their hair shorter and get more fingernails and designer jeans than their black counterparts.  They also smoke more weed and can give their parents and intimate partners micro-loans and cell phones.  And dem ent eating stupidness neither.  They have to watch their diet and enjoy meals on wheels.  Parents too can go to the school cafeterias and buy box lunches and the children pay for these treats from their personal accounts.  ASOMELYKUM.

Indians too are not travelling in mini-bus.  Anything mini is their bikini and or skirts.  Tails are wagging dogs.  These same Flat-Behind-Indians (FBI) are essentially thumbing their noses and sticking their fingers out at the administration because they see and know their weaknesses.  They know that there are no jobs or professions available.  It is easy to be critical of them but some bit of empathy is needed.  The language of silence by the PPP is not falling on deaf ears; children are born smarter than their parents and if the parents sharing lowra, guess what?  (I will take the answer off the air.)


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